The Four Types of Heat Press Machines Popular in Kenya

The heat press printing machine is used for branding items such as mugs, T-shirts, umbrellas, caps, and reflector jackets. It is an important tool that helps in marketing products.

We will be discussing the various types of heat pressing machines available in Kenya. We will also analyze the features and specifications of each type and make recommendations depending on your needs.

The heat press machines might look similar, but just like most machines, they are of varying models. Each model is designed differently to enable it to carry out different tasks. It is difficult for anyone who has never seen a heat press machine to distinguish the models since they look similar.

You should learn the various types of heat press machines available before purchasing one. The following are the major types:

Clamshell Heat Press Machine

The Clamshell Heat Press Machine has been designed to perform tasks on various surfaces such as T-shirts, cardboard boxes, and cups. It is called a clamshell machine because it opens like a clam, or oyster, shell. The hinge between its upper and lower platens enables it to open and close as a clamshell would.

The clamshell heat press machine can be further sub-categorized into manual or automatic machines. The difference between the two is that you have to manually open and close the press of a manual heat press clamshell machine.

The major advantages of using a clamshell machine are the size and cost. It is small and therefore can occupy a small space in your workstation. The clamshell heat press machine price Kenya is relatively cheap compared to the various heat press machines.

This press machine is not recommended for use on thick layers of fabric or mouse-pads because of the immense pressure.

Swinger Press Machine

This machine is named swinger because some swinging takes place while working on it. It functions by placing garments on the lower platen and allowing the heat on the upper platen to swing away from the garments on the lower platen

The swing-away motion is beneficial as it allows you to move the garments without the risk of suffering burns freely. The swinger machine differs from the clamshell machine due to the wider variety of items on which it can work. The swinger can work on thick garments, but the clamshell is only recommended for thin garments.

Draw Heat Press

The draw heat press machine functions similarly to the swinger machine, except that the lower platen pulls towards you as you work. This feature allows you to place the garments without reaching under the heat-emitting upper platen.

This model requires you to be alert that your designs could shift out of place due to the lower platen being in constant motion.

Sublimation Heat Press

The Sublimation heat press machine is by far the most popular T-shirt heat press machine, and this is because the dye used in the transfer paper doesn’t leak into the shirt whenever the surfaces of the heat machine press down. It is important to note that you will face this risk whenever you use most of the other types of heat press machines.

A major advantage of the sublimation press machine is the large working surface. You will be able to work on large sweatshirts or use bigger signs.


The clamshell, sublimation, draw heat, and swinger machines are the major types of heat press machines available in Kenya. Each of the machines has different features and capabilities. It is up to you to understand the various types and benefits of the machines to purchase the right heat press machine for your needs.

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