The Features to Consider Before Buying Wood Router in Kenya

This article highlights mostly the features to consider when buying a wood router touches on all the features and of buying this machine. It also considers the advantages of having it and the work it mostly works on. Because they are of different brands any woodworker should consider having the best tool that delivers good work to the customers.

This machine is a Hand tool which does work like drilling holes, cutting and shaping wood. Also they can be used to flatten wood is a precious and valuable machine that every workshop considersowning. This hand tool also does a variety of work in the workshop.

This tool has a motor that is positioned vertical to the base and has teeth for cutting wood. These teeth can be controlled to desired shape in order to cut the wood into accurate size and do the other specified work e.g. flattening.

This hand tool is highly available in the market but it is found in different shapes andsize. Wood router price in Kenya differ in different Kenyan market places. The best way to find a good tool is considering the functionality of it and also consider the prices offered in various market places in Kenya.

Some of features to consider: –

 Horse power

the control of bits is depended mostly on the horsepower. The higher the power it has really matters on the delivery of work. High producing router does a lot of work without much estuations and does most of work saving more time. Mostly the rate ranges between 1.25 and 1.75.


This really determines the work rate. Slow speed makes the productivity low but the end product is perfect. The great problem is choosing the right speed to produce fast and perfect wood without burning it.

The good news now is that they have been built with speed adjusters. You just have to choose the best speed you wish and the tool works at that speed. The latest speed rating has been between 9000 and 20,000 RPMS.

There are also new routers that have been installed with sensors which help adjust the speeds while working. The sensor regulates the speed of the electric motor from hard wood to working soft wood piece. This really adds the chances of a good end product.


There is a lot of power in the router which requires a safe handling of the needs to be held firmly in order to produce required results. Thus it is made with handles that have sponge on which give a great comfort while handling the machine.

Dust port collector

The machine produces a lot of dust and small wooden pieces which can easily injure and make the workshop untidy. Thus they have some dust ports that connect to workshop pit thus they have helped clean the workshop.

Some of the collecting ports differ from the quality of tool. They are also highly determined by the brands. You find that most of the models have better service than the other models. Thus not all routers work same but brand matters.


Thus if you are really in need of a machine this is the best one to get for your does different jobs in a workshop and delivers really well. They are found in the Kenyan market and they are quite affordable. A lot of them differ in different sizes and also their functionality matters. The features it contains has great impact on the price of power tools.

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