The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Construction Manager

Construction managers must carry out the practical governance and organization of every phase of a construction project. They supervise and see that building projects are finalized in safety. Construction managers ensure the project does not exceed the planned budget and is delivered on time.

Construction managers should ensure they use building estimating software ( in every project they bid for to enable them to win the project. As a construction manager, you have to manage the project’s plans and assign tasks to your members to ensure that each stage of the project moves as planned.

What Does It Take To Be A Construction Manager?

On a particular day, a construction manager may take their time agreeing on a project, employing a subcontractor, checking out an electrical installation problem, or sometimes they could do all these and other activities to ensure the success of a project.

Currently, most people are attracted to the construction manager job. Also, people with similar talents but in different sectors are now leveling up to fit in the construction manager position in the engineering field, field tasks, and project management.

Statistics show that construction management positions have increased from 2012 to date. Those working in this field have stated that it is a job with reasonable compensation. Research has indicated that a construction manager makes $50,000 the lowest amount, while those who make much get $145,500 or more.

Separation Of Tasks

Division of labor is capable of showing daily tasks; therefore, it portrays a deeper understanding of you as a construction manager. A construction manager does not have a typical day like the rest of the workers. At times, you have a meeting with the shareholders, the other day, you are in the field examining the cause of delay in the project.

Having a better understanding of what it takes to be a construction manager, you are expected to maximize your day in any of the following duties;

  • Setting up, coordinating, organizing, administering, supervising, and completing the construction project.
  • Recruiting and executing orders to the subcontractors and employees.
  • Arranging and delivering budgets.
  • Use the available resources (time, money, labor) most appropriately.
  • Cooperate with architects and contractors to better the final results.
  • Work out contracts and act in place of organizations during meetings.
  • Ensure contractors are working in safe environments.
  • See that you are following the local and national construction policies.

Additional Skills You Need As A Construction Manager

1. Leadership skills.

A construction manager is a leader in the project. Every employee submits to you and takes orders only from you. Ensure you exercise leadership skills reasonably and in an intelligent way.

2. Always keep time.

3. Exceptional verbal communication skills

Communication skills are the most significant trait a construction manager should possess. When construction managers lack communication, they will lack the capacity to clarify targets to their members.

4. The capacity to solve problems.

5. Have architectural and building knowledge.

As a construction manager, ensure you earn respect from your employees. Applying your literacy and competency in the field and knowing what to do in specific project stages improves your reputation among the workers, giving them surety of your directions.

6. Reliable

The client, the staff, and the project depend on you. Therefore, as a construction manager, you must always be available for the project’s betterment. Also, you must quickly adjust to unexpected circumstances, such as harsh weather conditions.

In every project you undertake as a construction manager, work experience is vital. Most clients find it appropriate to hire an experienced construction manager. Work experience is gained in the university or by working during weekends or holidays with a firm or a close person who is a construction manager.

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