The Best Resources for Free PMP Exam Sample Questions


The PMP stands for Project Management Professional. This certification is brought to you by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which has gained worldwide reputation. This Certification is being acknowledged by almost all business organizations. Moreover, the aspirants are developing a strong inclination towards this PMP training & Certification in Washington DC. Because of the several benefits of job security. However, in order to prepare for the examination, one needs to have a strong determination and dedication during the time of preparation. Moreover, the aspirants have to prepare for the examination by practicing as many questions and mock tests to harness one’s skills. In this article, I give you a few recommendations in order to get the Best Resources for Free PMP Exam Sample Questions.

Best Resources for Free PMP Exam Sample Questions

1. Free PM Exam Questions

This website is the best as it provides PMP® sample questions directly in your inbox. You are just required to have your name registered in the website. And, then you get a series of free sample questions and Weekly PMP® Exam Tips newsletter. With each new question formed with time, by this website, you will eventually receive the same at your inbox.

2.PMP® Practice Exam

The PMP® Practice Exam site provides you with 4 different sample exams. Each of the exam has 50 important questions. The best part about this website is they offer you the answers and explanation instantly after you appear it. This helps you get your basal concepts and doubts cleared with every question attempted. So, you are required to practice and revise as many times you feel the need to.

3. PMI

The PMI offers sample exam questions in order to prepare you for the PMP® exam. But they offer just three sample tests. However, it is important to note that these 3 exams are enough to give you an experience of appearing a real exam. So, you may avail the free service. You are required to revise the tests in case you fail to get the desired scores.

4. OpenPM

The OpenPM provides resources for PMP® at free of cost. They offer a numerous series of tests and quizzes. Additionally, they provide a full 400-question PMP® demo exam. All you are required to do is to login to website in order to get the questions.

5. J Ross Publishing

The J Ross publishing is renowned for publishing numerous books required for preparation of exams. This includes those books for PMP exams as well. In addition to the books, they also provide for a question bank for the PMP® exam which may be accessed for free as a demo. You are required to click through to the demo, then click the login button, and finally click the button under ‘Action’ to start the free test. There are 20 questions.

6. PM Exam Simulator

The PM Exam Simulator gives the exact feeling of attempting the PMP exam, hence, is worth recommendation. The Simulator brings out the questions of the same kind and same level of difficulty, as one faces in the exam. The types of questions may include formula-based questions as well as interpretational questions. One has the option to appear the examination in 3 different modes. The first is Real Exam Mode, where you get the actual exam experience. The next is Timed Mode where you get hints and answers, but it is time bound. And the final is Learning Mode where you get hints and answers and there is absolutely no time limit.

7. Oliver Lehmann

This website offers sample questions in numerous formats. One can take a free 75-question simulated, within 90 minutes. The questions can be downloaded in pdf format as well. For people using iPhone/iPad and/or Android in the iTunes Store and Android Market they can access an extra of 30 more questions. But an important thing to be mentioned is that this website is the toughest one and hence, prepares you really well.


So, with these easy and handy resources, that too at free of cost, allows you to prepare well and get the certification easily. However, the list above is a suggestive one. The list is not exhaustive and you are free to get into other websites for better understanding of the PMP questions.

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