The best guide to show how to take a screenshot on Dell

Dell is known for these reliable, efficient laptops that can be tailored to consumer needs. Equipped with a Windows system, Dell computers can perform a wide variety of tasks including taking screenshots. It turns out that taking a screenshot is essential for recording websites, creating video thumbnails, making tutorials, and more. This article is specially designed to guide those who don’t know how to screenshot on Dell yet.

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Why is a screenshot needed on a Dell laptop?

In what situation are you going to take a screenshot on dell laptop? Well, there are too many cases. For example, you can record your gaming performance using Dell Screenshot Keys. If you are a businessman, you can capture conference references and other important files. For students and teachers, the screenshot is a good way for offline viewing. Well, there is no such rule for screenshots. So all you need to do is take a screenshot on a Dell Chromebook, desktop or laptop freely.

Take a screenshot on Dell using hotkeys

If you are using Windows 7, please click the “PrtScr” key on the keyboard and then open the “Paint” application to paste the image: you can save the captured image in the format you want. On the other hand, if you want to capture an active window, click simultaneously on the “Alt” and “PrtScr” buttons.

For Windows 8 users, in addition to clicking the “PrtScrn” key, you also need to click the “Windows Button” at the same time. The screen goes dark for a moment and the captured image will be saved in the Picture Library.

Take a screenshot on Dell using an effective application

If you want to have more options about how to screenshot on dell laptop , a power soft Screen Capture Free would be the best app for you. With this tool, you are able to capture everything that happens on your computer screen with various capture modes available: full-screen capture and specific region capture. Its built-in editor allows you to modify the captured images according to your desires. Also, you can share the captured images on social media or stored on the cloud storage site.

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Using this online tool to take a screenshot on Dell is very easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to the site where the application is located, download and install a trigger for a first use of the application.
  • Click “PrtScn” or directly click the screen icon to start capturing.
  • Drag your mouse when a crosshair appears on the screen, define a region and release your mouse to confirm the region to capture. To take a full-screen capture, just click the “Full-screen” icon above the share icon.
  • After capturing, you can annotate your image by adding icons, texts, etc. Click the disk icon to save the captured image to local disk. Besides, you can also upload/share/or email the captured image by clicking on the corresponding button in the vertical toolbar.

Advantages: No need to install additional programs. This application offers you more flexible and diversified functionalities.

Disadvantage: Need an internet connection.

If you need a program with more functions, you can download the professional version of this application and a version that contains 10 screenshot modes, task scheduler tool, and screen recording feature, robust image editor and much more.

Other tools for taking screenshots on Dell


This free application allows you to take a screenshot in three modes: capture full screen, capture a specific region, and capture an active window. You can also use it to annotate the captured images as well as export the file to various platforms. Besides being free, Greenshot is a lightweight program that doesn’t require too much storage, making it perfect for older Dell laptops running low on memory.

  • Advantage: It is a practical and light tool.
  • Disadvantage: Does not have a sharing function or a function to upload.

DuckLink Screen Capture

Another program you can use to capture screen on Dell. Like all other apps, it can capture whatever regions you want on your screen. It also has the tools to annotate the images with which you can edit the images, insert lines, arrows, texts, etc. With DuckLink Capture, you can also share captured images via email, blogs, social networks. Downloading this app is free and the pro version is also available if you want more features.

  • Advantage: Free, convenient and lightweight capture tool.
  • Cons: Limited editing options and lack of instant sharing feature.


Compared with other free screen capture tools, Sharex has the most capture modes: from active window capture to ellipse, full screen mode, rectangle capture mode, freehand mode once the captures are finished, you can share them on the various social networking sites or image sharing sites. Besides, it also allows you to make video captures and GIFs.

  • Advantage: Can take screenshots and video captures.
  • Disadvantage: Too many options for settings.

This article introduces you to the different ways to take a screenshot on Dell. But if you want a safe, free application that can take screenshots very efficiently, you are recommended to use Apowersoft Free Screen Capture.

Ultimate Way to Take Screenshot with Drawing Tools on Dell Laptop

If the print screens not working issue, you can use FoneLab Screen Recorder to take screenshot on Windows and Mac. screen capture software can work on Dell, Acer, HP, Asus and most laptops and desktops. You can even add tags directly to your screenshot. Besides, you can also record screen videos with audio and webcam in high quality using FoneLab as well. Know further about how to take a screenshot on a dell laptop by clicking on this highlighted link.


  1. Take a screenshot with a custom screen area.
  2. Use hotkeys to capture or record video.
  3. Add text, lines, arrows or other drawing tools to your video or image.
  4. Capture video and audio in original quality.
  5. Save the recording file in different formats.

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