The 3 best apps for watching movies and TV shows with friends

One of people’s favorite activities in the world is often to watch movies or TV series in the company of friends. Evenings dedicated to fun and conviviality. Unfortunately, all this is still a goal that is not always easy to reach, despite appearances, due to the restrictions we are still experiencing to fight COVID-19.

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In today’s article we will try to recommend some of the best apps that have this wonderful and fitting feature. It is also important to underline that all the apps we are going to talk about have one feature in common: that they are free .

1. Netflix Party

Let’s start with the most famous that surely many of you have also already used: Netflix Party!

A specific extension for Chrome, which allows an unlimited number of friends to view works on Netflix at the same time. The most interesting thing is that only the main host (the host) needs to have the extension. You can then easily saddle the responsibility on some of your friends.

 Pro :

Only the host needs to install the extension on Chrome

It is totally free

 Cons :

You can only chat with friends

Only works with Netflix

All friends must be a Netflix member

2 . Prime Video Party

And Amazon’s Prime Video has also decided to integrate a new official feature that allows you to share the vision of your media with your friends. To do this, simply open Prime Video on your PC, choose the program to watch and press the Video Party button next to the Start movie button (or whatever it is). At this point a curtain will open on the right where you will have to type  your name to  be displayed and press the Create Video Party button . Now it will create a link that you can share with whoever you want to participate in your exclusive Party Prime. The party can accommodate a maximum of 100 people and you can communicate with each other through the appropriate chat.

Pro :

It does not require installation of extensions or anything else

Large capacity of spectators

Easy to use

 Cons :

You can only communicate through chat

Everyone must have an active Prime Video subscription

Usable only from PC

3. Group Watch

And Disney + also joins the new craze with the official Group Watch service , available both through the Disney + app on Android and iOS, on PC and Smart TV . To start using the GroupWatch function,   locate the multimedia content you are interested in and click on the  poster , at this point click on the men icon  and, in the next screen that is shown to you, click on  the (+) button . This will generate an invitation link that you can copy via the Copy link button and send to those directly involved. During the viewing each spectator will have the possibility to manage the streaming by pausing, resuming the vision, etc. through the control buttons located next to the player. Group Watch then becomes the new Facebook because there are 6 emojis to react to scenes from the film or TV series. Sad Face.

Pro :

It does not require installation of extensions or anything else

Easy to use

Streaming is also available on Smartphone or Tablet and Smart TV

 Cons :

Everyone must be a Disney + member to use them

Capacity limited to 6 people

Communication only through the use of emojis

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