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Technology that evolved to be more Secure and Advanced over time

We love technology, however, has anyone actually stopped to take a look at the negative impacts that various technological advancements have had on our social behaviors and interactions. Cell phones slowly evolved into smartphones with Apple’s iPhone leading the charge as the first true smartphone. Smartphones are so smart that they have caused us to spend more time on the royal throne than we actually should, which raises questions about how unhealthy our bathroom practices have become. The truth is that more and more devices are being equipped with more technology than they should. When the original iPhone was released it was marketed as a device that was capable of doing everything a personal computer could do and had the ability to make phone calls, which was a secondary feature when compared to everything else. Many smartphone users turn to their devices amid social interactions, which actually results in them ruining the experiencing of socializing while practicing bad manners at the same time. 


Smartphones coupled with GPS location tagging have resulted in metadata that tracks your movements. The recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal should have shown us how valuable and useful our data is. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the scandal then let us just say that data harvested from Facebook was used to manipulate individuals and influence their decision at the ballot boxes during the last presidential election, which leads to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. Which if we take a step back has proved just how valuable our data is. 


The slew of devices being made smart has been surging and has shown no indication of slowing down. This sophisticated technology is allowing everyday devices, which normally would not have access to the internet to now having it. These smart devices, when connected to a high-speed internet like AT&T Internet, allow you to gain access to content while it collects data on your activities, which may be sold later. This was the exact scenario with the Cambridge Analytica scandal where the data was obtained legally but then used for malicious purposes. 

We now have smart electrical outlets, home automation/ security systems, and self-driving cars as well, which allow us to take full advantage of technology. However, we should not take this convenience for granted, our personal data is constantly being logged and our activities tracked. If this data was to be accessed by criminals, with the intent to determine when you are at home and are not, this could open the door for more serious crimes to take place.  

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Technology is great, however, some things are just fine the way they are, after all, we are creatures of habit. A home telephone line phone service offers the simplicity of making phone calls with the added benefit of sending text messages is a welcomed simplified convenience as compared to cell phones. Sure, you can’t take the phone with you on the go, but the reliability of the home phone services as compared to mobile networks is much more reliable and affordable. 


Recently there has been a demand for cellular phones that aren’t smart at all, meaning that the only functionality that they offer is the ability to make calls and send a text message, they are known as the Light Phone and have sold over 10,000 units. The device was so simple and popular that the manufacturers are in the phase of releasing the next iteration knows as the Light Phone 2, which will feature the ability to access the 4G internet for the sole purpose of getting a ride home. Technological advancements have allowed batteries that are more powerful and the ability to reduce the overall size of the device. Please note that this is not sponsored content for the Light Phone, however, the size of the device and the simplicity of it allows you to connect with people around you instead of focusing on your device while in the company of one another.


The meaning of life is often contemplated, and the simple answer is that life is meant to be lived. In this day and age, we spend more and more time focusing on our electronic devices that we forget what it means to live. I am a huge advocator of technology and own several smart devices that have helped me improve my lifestyle. However, I am against the idea of living life through social media and the internet instead of reality. Remember, you can’t smell the roses through a screen but if technology has its way then you will eventually be able to. Until then, remember to live a simpler yet more fulfilling life without technology and the internet directing you on how to live life to the fullest.

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