T Shirt Printing Business Starter Kit

A t shirt printing business is profitable in the future. Based on the recent report, this business will be
growing significantly by 9.6% from 2020 to 2025. You only have to know how to make the market
loves your t-shirts. Indeed, a high-quality t shirt printing business starter kit, such as a heat press
machine is something you need to prepare to start this business and earn money immediately.
The Reason to Use A Heat Press Machine
A heat press machine is different than other printing machines. The machine prints the images on the
screen to the object or your t-shirt. The result is also better than an inkjet printer and computer at
home. The printing process using a heat press machine is simpler because you don’t think about the
inks, screens, and mess. As a result, you get the perfect t shirt printing that you expect by only using
one machine.
Basic Heat Press Package
The reason why beginner t shirt printing business owners love this package is the price. This machine
is affordable, yet it gives the great quality that you want. Despite the name, you get crucial features
that a custom t shirt printing service should have to please their customers. Let say some basic head
press machines have a slip pad protector.
This feature helps to speed up production and protect the lower platen. The protection longer the
lifespan of the machine. You can also get head press machines with a number style. It is a good
option to print numbers when you accept an order from a group. Other products even support you
with sales and marketing tools, such as an artwork catalog for customers, color selector, samples,
coupon codes, and many more. Use the tools to attract more customers.
Pro Heat Press Package
Pro heat press package is an option for bigger t shirt printing services. It means you have regular
customers that order t shirt printing from you in a large amount. The features of these t shirt printing
business kits support you to finish the work right away without sacrificing the quality.
For example, some head press kits come with an automatic system. The machine will automatically
open when the printing process is complete. They can even detect the correct pressure during the
printing process for a perfect printing result.
Pro heat press kits often have an additional size lower plate for smaller size clothing. It works
effectively when you are producing t-shirts for children, tote bags, and other small apparel items. Like
the basic package, some pro kits also have a number kit, a marketing kit, and a free shipping deal.
The Elite Head Press Package
Professional t shirt printing businesses should have the elite head press kit. These advanced head
press kits come with more sophisticated technologies. Let say some kits have a smart controller that
helps to manage users, generate reports, or handle troubleshoot issues.
You can also save the common instructions you often use for printing. As a result, you don’t have to
set it from the beginning every time you want to print in t-shirts. Most elite t shirt printing kit packages
are touchscreen. They even have a specific feature that pauses the process while positioning apparel
and transfers.
Some brands have a large and small platen size for more flexible objects. As a result, you can print
images on large or small t-shirts or objects. You still get the number kit, marketing kit, and free
shipping deal after all the great features you get from the head press kit. The cost of the elite head
press kit package is the most expensive compared to the two versions above, yet it gives you the best
t shirt printing result. Imagine that you have a machine that allows you to do orders comfortably and
fast, along with a great result.
The Money You Get from Shirt Printing Business
Imagine if you can print at least 180 t-shirts per hour. You will earn approximately $100.000 a year if
you sell it for around $5.50 to $9.00 per t-shirt. The key to run a successful t shirt printing business is
running it consistently. Keep the product quality and follow the latest trend. Nowadays, you can use
social media or other online platforms to promote your t shirt printing business and make more money
from it.

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