Summer Learning Loss can be Avoided – Some Tips to Avoid it This Year

Every year summer learning loss makes parents worry about their children’s academic progress. This phenomenon is also known as summer slide. Every activity or learning requires practice and consistency. Summer is the time when your children take a break from their academic activities. During this time, they do not often focus on any educational activities. Hence, it creates a huge gap in learning which leads to a loss in their academic skill.

We understand that summer is the time when children want to enjoy the free time but considering their future, it is also important to keep their studies ongoing. Activities like summer courses help to a good extent by keeping children in touch with their studies while giving them ample amount of time for their hobbies and leisure.

Here is a detailed guide on how you can avoid learning loss this summer with the help of summer courses and other productive activities.

Engage your Child in Reading

Get your child engaged in reading. According to experts, reading should start at an early age and should be a part of a child’s schedule all through their academic life.  In the summer break, encourage your child to pick up some new books and make a reading schedule for every day. You do not have to purchase all the books, rather go for library subscriptions. Moreover, you can also opt for audiobooks for your child which would make the learning process much easier.

Revise Math Lessons

Mathematics is the subject that kids often find difficult and it requires consistency, as well as regular practice to excel in it. A long learning gap during summer break can easily erase all the knowledge about the subject. During the summer break, you add math revision to your schedule. You can take the help of interactive videos available online for the same.

Take Advantage of Unplugged Number Games

It has been proven that children learn faster with practical approach than the theory lessons and games are a great tool for practical approach. You can invest in board for addition, subtraction, multiplication and more. Apart from board games, you can also get the other visual games and interactive activities to keep their focus on mathematics. You find many options online for these games.

Try Spatial Rotation Games and Construction Play

With options like spatial rotation games and construction play, you can test the visual-spatial reasoning, spatial orientation and spatial ability of your child. These games can help you test the mental rotation skills of your child with response time. These games can be easily played on your mobile or tab. Since children love to play games, they would certainly enjoy this activity and these help you keep the summer slide at bay.

Visit to Information-rich Places

In the summer break, you can take your child to various zoos, nature sites and museums. Most of the organizations arrange various exhibitions related to educational activities and resources during summer. You will get the list and schedule of these exhibitions and shows easily on their websites. While visiting the museums, you can let your child explore each section of it. You can ask him different questions about his overall experience to gauge his knowledge. Engaging your child in such activities would help you keep the summer loss at bay.

Enrol your Child in a Summer Camp

Here comes another saviour. Enrolling your child in a summer camp will certainly lessen your worries about the summer slide. Various groups organize summer camps that focus on subjects such as mathematics, science and technology. These summer camps, they focus on various activities like coding, robotics, science labs, building etc. You can check for the availability of these summer camps at public libraries, schools, zoos and even art museums. These programs are available according to various budgets. Some of the organizations also offer these programs for free.

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