Six Easy Strategies for Improving Team Communication

Suppose there is one thing that plays a vital role in team building, its effective communication. No matter what you offer, what you have, and who you work with, everything is based on team communication. Effective communication helps build the company’s structure, and people can do all tasks on time. On the other hand, bad communication results in mistrust, delays, and conflicts among the team members.

Proven Strategies for Improving Team Communication

A team with good communication gets results on time, and that’s why it is crucial for all businesses. Here are the tips for harnessing it in the workplace.

  • Regular Status Update

The more your check-in on your team, the better it is for the business. Consider a business with no regular status update. No one will be aware of the project status and what to do next. On the other hand, if employees are informed regularly, employees will have no issues left, and the project will go on. Share with your team about the current status and what will be done next week.

  • Over-Communication

Overcommunication is another way to promote healthy communication in the workplace. You can go for the latest and modern tools such as Zoom to communicate with the team regularly. Keep in mind overcommunication is not a solution, but it is just another way to keep everyone on track.

  • Encourage Face to Face Interaction

Although pandemics has introduced us to various ways to communicate with people, according to MIT, the most valuable form of communication is face-to-face. Teams must be trained to go for face-to-face interaction, and a manager must play a leading role in this regard.

  • Organize Meetings More Frequently

Regular meetings offer an effective way to communicate in possible ways. A business leader or manager must organize meetings regularly where everyone should be given equal opportunity to share their thoughts.

  • Set a Clear Agenda for Each Meeting

Every meeting is not fruitful; some meetings are very boring and hard to join. Before starting a meeting, the host must share the agenda for the meeting. It must include all the possible points about the meeting. Agenda can be updated according to the feedback gained from the employees.

  • Be Open to Feedback

Another way to improve communication is being open to feedback. Always share clear and constructive feedback related to any project, and this feedback should be made public, so everyone can hear from you. You should also be available if someone needs you to. Moreover, you should also be open to any type of feedback.


Successful team leaders such as Deborah Morrish don’t compromise on poor team communication because it is fatal for the organization. Communication is one of the leading skills which prevents you as a leader like Deborah Morrish from conflicts and helps you complete all tasks on time.

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