Should you move to live with your grandchildren? 

Yes, the question itself might make you give a sense of happiness and joy but before moving, it is important to consider all the factors. Relocation is a big decision therefore you just can’t consider a single factor. You need to take care of all the aspects. Playing with your kids and sharing memories itself gives a sense of happiness. Take a critical look at everything before making huge life changes. If you are not relocating because you don’t have enough effort to put in the numerous numbers of relocation tasks then you don’t have to worry because there are moving labor companies present that are ready to do all the laborious tasks of the relocation process. Check out these factors that you should weigh before taking this big decision:

Financial and emotional relocation cost 

Moving is quite an expensive event to do. Relocation cost is not just limited to the transportation charges only but these also include several other costs such as the cost of selling a home, movers cost, and so on. Also, you will require a good amount of money to settle in the new city. But because the bond grandparents share with their beloved grandparents is priceless therefore relocation seems like a good option. One should also make a decision that works for them as individuals also.


Of course, there might be some things that you want that your child gets to know. But when you live with them then it won’t be easier for you to hide these things from them. They will get to know it in many ways and you might like the fact that they feel concerned about these things.

In the same way, consider their privacy also. They might opt for a lifestyle to live which you might like or not. When you will live with them then you will keep them schooling which they don’t like and this could add a sour taste to your relationship.

Ask yourself 

Do you know anyone from the new community? Consider how you will spend your time there? Though you might have the opportunity to make new friends making friends at this age is not that easy.

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Visit the place at least ones

You should not relocate just for the kids. You should consider all the things, visit the place at least once and also get to know about all the things of the new place like look at the living cost, know whether the community beliefs and standards are the same that you like, will you be able to adjust there, think how you will adapt to the new environment and so on.

What if they don’t find time for you 

It might be the peak time for them to establish their careers and they might have a lot of responsibilities from college, school, or job. They might not even get time to spend with you and this could make you feel sad if you keep your expectations high. Come to the real facts before relocation.

Know whether they want to be close to you or you want it

If they want you to stay there along with them then you might be a fortunate person and it is time to seize the opportunity. Just make sure you are taking the right decision.

Babysitting duties 

Depending on the age of the kids, you might have to do babysitting duties. Yes, some grandparents enjoy babysitting sitting as they find it an opportunity to get some quality moments with kids. But the job is not easy and taking it for granted is the worst mistake. If you can create a balance in your life like enjoying your life along with babysitting then only relocating could be an easier option for you.

Additional pros and cons to know!!!


  • You will get to know your grandchildren well as they grow up.
  • You will get help in doing all the daily life activities such as buying groceries, shopping and so on.
  • They will get emotional support from each other and can spend some quality moments living together.


  • When grandchildren are adults then they might not want to live close to you as they might want privacy.
  • They might have moved before to grow up and not to live with family.
  • Living standards could be different and you might not like it.
  • They might keep on relocating more often, therefore, considering your health status and your energy, you should take a decision.

Wrapping it all up!!! 

Remember that relocating to live with your grandchildren is not a small decision to take therefore you should check out all the pros and cons of it and should consider all the aspects not just as per your side but theirs also. For some, it could be the right decision but for others, it ends up with regret. It just depends on situations only and you can only make the decision better for you.

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