Seven ss stars solar water heater solar water heater reviews

The Seven ss stars solar water heater series of solar for heating water is among the best heating devices used by different people. This is used especially in remote areas and other places where electricity is not accessible. Below is a description of the various types of solar water heaters in Kenya.

People like using the Seven ss stars solar water heater series for water heating purposes because of its reliability and durability. Places with no electricity and wish to use heated water opt to purchase the solar heater because it comes with tanks that hold water. It is not only used in homesteads but can also be used in small scale business that needs water heating.


The specification of the solar tank for Seven ss stars solar water heater 150L model include: 150L storage capacity, 75L electric boost capacity, 55kg-empty, 205kg- full. Seven ss stars solar water heater 200L model has a storage capacity of 200L, electric boost capacity of 100L, 65kg-empty and 265kg-full.

The specifications for the Solar Collector GMO-2000A model include: 2000*1000*76mm in dimension, the gross area is 2m2, the net aperture is 1.85m2, the tube diameter for header is φ22, the diameter riser tube is 9*φ8, its dry weight is 35kg, the fluid capacity is 1.30L, the working maximum pressure is 0.85Mpa, the absorber coating is a blue sputtered surface.

The frame material is alloy double aluminium, the insulation material is 38mm blanket glass wool, the glass is 3.2mm low iron tempered and its performance rating is 6.01kWh/day. The specification for electric boost is constantly at 1.8kw, 2.4kw, 3.6WW, and 4.8kW.


The roof solar saves ground space, it is simple and has a compact design that makes it very reliable and efficient. It is an open circuit heater (solar) mounted on the roof for economic service provision. The series has a water system of 300L, 200L and 150L. It has an Anode Rod that is strong that prevents corrosion of the tank.

This kind of water heater is readily available in the market places. The device is very affordable and can be bought by anyone who can opt to use it for home based activities or even small businesses. The price is determined by the suppliers and different sizes of the solar heating panels.

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The storage tank vitreous enamel is installed on roof in combination with solar collectors. When water in some collectors is heated by sun, it’s temperature increases causes water into rising to storage tanks through copper pipes. Copper ensures increased thermal conductivity which ensure maximum heat reaches the water.

In this case cool water flows into solar collectors from the tank to receive heating from the sun. The process continues in a cycle. The solar heater series is averages being used by middle level people and low income earners. Its efficiency and reliability makes it a great choice for water heating purposes. Their tanks are durable and have adequate storage capacity of water in liters.

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