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Attractiveness has become a part and parcel thing in our life in the 21st century. We started focusing more on attractive things rather than beneficial or informative things. We always want attraction in our personal as well as social life. 

The time of pandemic has made us more active on social media as recurring lockdowns make us internally alone. We always try to share our feelings, emotions, and experiences on social media with friends and family in the form of videos and photos. 

We have started using a lot of applications to make our photos more attractive. The most pathetic thing about different editing applications is that they always put a watermark of the logo in the picture. Not even on social media. Sometimes an e-commerce entrepreneur wanted to share a picture but couldn’t do so because of the watermark. 

Imgkits remove watermark from Photo

Watermark is always encouraged to be removed before posting the photograph on any site to enhance the main focus of the image. A watermark is always a destructive thing for the viewers. If you are facing the same problem and want to know different processes to remove watermarks from photos then the solution to your problem is Imgkits. It is an online website that works for free to provide you with different editing tools and services without any subscription fee.

How to remove watermark from Photo

After reading all the features of Imgkits you must want to know what is the process to remove watermarks from photos. People are always afraid of indulging in deep and complex processes of photo editing. If the process to remove watermark from photo is quite professional then we might end up just ruining our photograph. 

The steps that are involved to remove the watermark from the photo are given below:

  • Open up the browser of your device and then type in the search bar. After selecting the search option an official page of Imgkits will open on the screen and you will find different editing tools there.
  • If you want to use a tool to remove a watermark from a photo then select the Inpaint option. In the inpaint section, you will find a tool to remove watermarks from photos. 
  • Select the tool and the system will ask you to upload your photograph. Select the option of ‘upload image’ and directly go to the location of the image in your device.
  • After uploading the image you need to wait for almost 5 seconds and the tool will work on your image using artificial intelligence. The tool automatically determines the watermark present on the image and removes it accordingly.
  • When you are done with the editing of the picture you can save it by selecting the ‘Download’ option. The image would be saved in the form of a PNG file and you can share it with anyone.


Imgkits is an online free website that provides different services of photo editing to users. The process to remove watermark from photos using Imgkits is very easy and the website works on artificial intelligence. You just need to upload your picture and the remaining work would be done by the website on its own. If you are thinking of getting an application or an editor to remove watermarks from photos then Imgkits would be the best available option for you.

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