Recoverit, the efficient solution to recover deleted data on your Mac

There are many scenarios why your important data can be lost on Mac. For example, you accidentally deleted it when you reformatted your hard drive to fit your Mac. If you run into such a case, you need a great solution. That’s a great solution that we’re going to talk about in this article. Don’t worry! A deleted file always leaves a trace with which it can be found. Wondershare simplifies the process with Recoverit, a performance-rated data recovery software.

Optimize your chances of recovering your data

There are a few precautionary measures to take to ensure your files are recovered. It should in fact be understood that a file deleted from the hard drive actually means that the space it occupied has been freed. The file itself is still existing and therefore recoverable provided that no new data is overwritten over it. Therefore, when you lose documents, it is imperative that you no longer strain the storage medium on which they were saved.

Recoverit to rescue deleted data

To recover data deleted by mistake, it is necessary to go through third-party software. Recoverit is one of the most reliable Mac data recovery solutions. Its intuitive handling and compatibility with over 1000 file formats and file systems make it particularly suitable for less experienced users. No need, therefore, to pay astronomical sums to a professional to find the contents of a damaged hard drive.

The advantage of Recoverit lies in its ability to recover data from any storage medium. We have so far mentioned the loss of files on computer, but it is also possible to find lost documents on an external hard drive, a USB stick, an SD card, a smartphone or a tablet.

Advanced features for the most desperate cases

Besides standard recovery of deleted files, Recoverit excels in rescuing data overwritten by formatting a storage device. Be careful, however, a zero formatting will nullify any recovery attempt insofar as each bit of data is overwritten. Only files lost as a result of standard formatting can be recovered.

The recovery process also extends to lost, deleted or damaged partitions, both hard drive and USB drive.

Regardless of the type of recovery, Recoverit takes care to always make the process easier. You only have to indicate the location – disk, directory, sub-directory – where to look for the Wondershare software to find and recover your data completely independently.

How much does Recoverit cost?

Downloadable for free, Recoverit allows you to launch the analysis of your disks, directories, USB devices, and to preview the data found. To permanently recover your documents, you must take out a subscription to Recoverit Essential, Standard or Recoverit Advanced.

Recoverit Essential offers a simple solution for recovering data from Macs and external devices. You can choose one of the following options:

$ 109.99 for 1 month (2 Macs)

$ 139.99 for 1 year (2 Macs)

$ 169.99 for life (2 Macs)

How to recover data on my Mac with Recoverit?

First, download and install Recoverit on your computer. The handling does not pose any difficulty. Just double click on the downloaded file, then follow the wizard instructions. If you want, you can manually select the installation directory.

Launch Recoverit. You access a clearly structured interface, indicating the different storage spaces from which you can retrieve your files.

If this is your first time using Recoverit, remember to enter your activation code. Click on the key icon at the top right of the software window, then enter your email address and license key. Click on “Connect or Register”. You are all set to take advantage of all the features that Recoverit offers.

To recover data from your computer’s hard drive, select it from the list of storage spaces detected by Recoverit, then click “Start”.

Recoverit starts scanning the hard drive. You access a new window from which you view the status of the analysis in real time using the progress bar. The operation may take a few minutes.

All recovered data appears in the central block while the left column indicates the path to the recovered files. In this same column, click on the “File type” tab to sort the elements by formats.

Recoverit allows you to check the contents of the found files before proceeding with their final recovery. Click on the item to check in the central block to display general information in the right column. Click on “Preview”.

In the window that opens, you clearly see the contents of your file provided it weighs less than 30 MB. Click on “Recover” to recover it manually immediately.

In case your file weighs more than 30MB, you must first recover it before previewing it.

When you manually recover a document, Recoverit prompts you to select the save location. In the dialog box that opens, expand the tree and specify the recording directory. You can also create a new folder by clicking on the dedicated button. Click on “Recover”.

Recoverit instantly recovers your file and saves it in the previously defined directory. For more convenience, the software automatically opens the file location in Explorer, allowing you to quickly access it.

Recoverit also offers you to recover multiple files at the same time. When the disk scan is finished, check the folders, files and formats to recover. Click on “Recover”.

Depending on the number of files to be recovered, the process may take several minutes. Arm yourself with patience. When the operation is complete, Recoverit opens the save location in Explorer.

How to recover data on your smartphone with Recoverit?

Recoverit is also capable of recovering deleted data on smartphone or tablet.

First, connect your device to your computer, then start Recoverit. On the home page, select your smartphone from the list of external devices, then click “Start.”

The analysis starts automatically. You view the files found in the central block and can sort them by formats from the left column. As with the data recovered from the computer hard drive, you can preview the recovered files on your smartphone. Select the document to check and click “Preview”.

You can manually save a file by selecting it and then clicking “Recover”. To recover multiple items at the same time, check the boxes of the affected files, and click “Recover”.

In the dialog box, specify the save location. If necessary, create a new folder. Click on “Recover” and find the saved items in the Explorer window which opens at the end of the operation.


Wondershare Recoverit is a great solution to recover your deleted data due to customizing your hard drive with your Mac. Hopefully this article was useful.

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