Pranking In The Age Of Social Distancing 

There’s no denying that the pandemic has drastically changed the way we do things. Before all of this, we used to rush from our houses to go to work. But now? Our work is at our desk or personal workspaces at home. Before we ought to buy something, we’ll think about getting them in the mall. But with the rise of online shopping, there’s been a demand for more e-commerce businesses or other online businesses. If you want to try dabbling your toes into this industry before finally diving in, you can learn about 3 Ways To Start An Ecommerce Business here.

Some people like to call this setup the “new normal.” While everyone is still in shock and not yet comfortable with that concept, it’s the truth that we should get used to this for at least a little longer until the virus eases up and let’s live our old lives again. But if we’re trying to be realistic, we should really invest in working from home if we haven’t yet. Don’t worry, this isn’t just a useless gimmick. Staying at home and keeping a safe distance from others when we go out is a way to keep ourselves safe. 

Even if the world is changing little by little and is bringing us to unfamiliar territories, one thing that doesn’t change is people’s ways to find things to make fun of no matter what. So cheer up, prankster! Every opportunity is an opportunity to do something funny! The world changing isn’t the end of fun, rather just the beginning of it! If you are quarantined at home with your family or your roommate – there are still many ways that you can make fun of them without going out! We listed 10 pranks in a mix of antics you can do in your house, some Zoom Pranks, and even cool prank apps that you need to try as soon as possible! You’ll thank us later and you’ll also realize that the world is just off to a good start. Just keep reading to find out!

1. Oreo Toothpaste Prank

Staying quarantined at home urged people to try out different recipes. While some people are getting creative with their cooking, you should get more creative with your pranking! Grab some Oreos and scrape off the cream. Replace the white cream with white toothpaste and put the cookie sandwich back to how it looked like before. Serve this to your family and friends and watch their faces react to this exploding mint surprise!

2. Spirited Shower Prank

The key to a good shower prank is to know where the showerhead is. Once you know how to detach this, you can be creative with your spirited shower pranks. Some people sprinkle some Kool-Aid on it, while some want to keep things savory by adding some pieces of broth cubes. If you have something else in mind, don’t hesitate to do it as long as it is harmless. Your victim will be surprised by a tasty shower that you prepared for them.

3. Nail Polish Soap Prank

Yes, you need to wash your hands often, especially now. It’s essential for health and hygiene. But on days that you and your family are lazily lounging at home, this is when you can grab that bar soap in the washroom and coat it with some clear nail polish! The goal is to paint it so good and flawlessly that no one will notice how weird-looking it is. Then, once dry, put it back to where you took it and wait for the other person to wash their hands with it expecting suds that will never come.

3. Lotion Door Knob Prank

Sometimes, it’s priceless to annoy our siblings and run away as fast as we could right after. Before they even notice, apply a generous amount of lotion to the inside part of their bedroom’s door knob. After that, it’s up to you to entice them enough that they’ll come running after you. For example, call them by the nickname they hate or try to squirt them with some water gun while they mind their own business. Just make sure to leave the door ajar once you come in and close it immediately when you leave. They’ll be desperate to open the door, but it will be too slippery for them even to open.

4. Pet Takeover Prank

When you are in a Zoom meeting, be polite enough to prepare before turning your camera on. Except, it’s not you who will be facing – but your adorable pet! Let them sit on your computer chair and make sure that the webcam is focused on them. The goal of this prank is never to show your face no matter what. Be attentive to the meeting and answer questions when some participants ask you. But make sure that your pet is still in charge of the visuals!

7. “Reconnecting…” Prank

In Zoom, you can easily change your name into anything that you like for every meeting. In this case, you can come a little late to a meeting and make sure that your name is “Reconnecting…” Make sure to turn your camera off for added measure. This gives the impression that your internet is so weak that every time the participants look at you, they would think that you’re not catching up even though you are there to witness everything loudly and clearly.

8. Accidental Murder Folder Prank

“Can you see my screen?” So says the presenter in the meeting. But wait, what’s that folder on the lower right corner of their homepage? Did it say “Murder Victims”? Wait, is my officemate a psycho?

This is the reaction that we are looking for when it comes to pulling this prank off. The next time you come to a meeting and will inevitably share your screen, use this opportunity to fool your office mates into thinking that you are living a double life – and that you have a dark side that is quite mad and criminal. But then again, this is a prank. So when they start asking you about it, make sure to tell them that you’re fooling them into thinking that. Of course, youthink won’t want some random criminal case tied to your name!

9. Muted Prank

We’ve all made it. We talked too much, not knowing that our mic is on mute. How about confusing people even more by unmuting yourself but talking as if you are muted? Yep, all you need to do is silently mumble your sentences in a seemingly confident way that they would think there is something wrong on their end! Make sure to practice beforehand though; you will need some acting skills here to seem convincing!

10. Ownage Pranks Prank Call

This prank app boasts a collection of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from that you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you like. You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbour randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. The prank caller won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from funny soundboards and genius prank scripts and performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable. Yes, no need for voice acting rehearsals anymore before calling! More than that, they value your privacy; that’s why they have a spoof call feature that uses anonymous caller ID for when you will make your pranks. Still not satisfied? You can send them a prank request if you want something more elaborate. Ownage Pranks is that one-stop app for when you want to make a prank call because they have everything!

11. Loudest Airbomb

Airbomb pranks are funny as long as you are not in an airport or an establishment where people usually go. If you have speakers, try connecting your phone with them. Turn the volume into maximum and suddenly startle your family/roommates with it. It would be fun also to do this to a sleeping person. 

12. Remote Control Prank

While the original purpose of remote control apps is to make people’s lives convenient, this trusty tool can also serve as a marvellous prank tool. Install any remote control app you like on App Store or Google Play and work your way around it. Make sure no one knows that you are trying to study this app to give away your genius antics. Once you are familiar with it, you can mess with your parents or your siblings by changing your living room TV channels. For example, if your father is watching an action film or a thriller, wait for the climax and immediately turn it into the shopping channel. Just find the best time that your victim is heavily glued on the TV screen, and that’s the best time to strike!

See? There are still many ways to find opportunities to prank even though the world becomes unfamiliar to us. It’s because of you. We admire that you are keeping a positive attitude no matter what and still choose to have fun. That’s why you clicked on this article! You’re still in for a fun time, and we hope you keep that up! If you’re ready to do these pranks, make sure to keep them harmless. Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and happy pranking!

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