Pitfalls in enterprise web development

Today, the representation of companies on the Internet is not a whim and not an additional function, it is a given, therefore, the development of a corporate website should not be neglected. After all, now, if your company does not have a website, then this will cause nothing but suspicion and doubt.

Moreover, at the moment, the presence of a corporate website is considered the norm so much that it should not only be available, it should be properly designed for users. People visiting your site do not have to think long about where to find your price list or phone number to contact the operator. The interface should be intuitive, and the design is pleasing to the eye, these are the sites that speak about your company from the best side and attract customers. Therefore, enterprise web development is not an easy and responsible business.

What to consider when developing a corporate website

When developing a corporate website, you need to take into account several nuances. First, you need to decide for whom you are making this site, sites for clients, partners, and company employees will differ both in appearance and content. For example, when creating a website for potential clients, the content will be aimed at emphasizing the professionalism of the team and the benefits of working with you.

Also, decide on the sections that your site will include. Usually, when developing a corporate website, it is recommended to add the following sections:

– Home page. This is the first page of the site that users will see. Its main task is to sell and arouse the desire to use the services of your company. Usually, information about company events and current promotions is posted on it.

– Newsfeed. Here news will be displayed in one way or another related to your organization. Now, instead of a news feed, many people insert a link to social networks that perform a similar function. The main task of the news section is to act as a guarantor of your stable work.

– “Duration of cooperation” or “About every Company”. A section for potential partners of your business, telling about your company and the benefits of working with it.

– “Score”. A page giving detailed information about the goods or services that you sell. You can also add the ability to buy products online.

– Contacts. A page containing your contacts for communication, address, phone number, email, and social networks. It is important to keep the specified data up to date.

– Gallery. Not the most obligatory section, the main task of which is to better acquaint a person with your company. Usually, photos of the office, employees, and workflow are uploaded there, it is advisable to add a small caption to the photos.

– “Partners and Licenses”. A section providing information about your current partners, as well as containing all your certificates, licenses and awards. All this helps to maintain the reputation of your company.

– Vacancies. The page with open vacancies in your company greatly facilitates the search for new employees if necessary.

Building a website poses the five most significant difficulties. They are including the most essential basic features of a website. These involve approachability, adaptability, navigation, readability, and usability. Website footers can be also a problem. 

Which CMS should you choose?

If you do not know what a CMS is, then in a nutshell it is a system for managing content on your site. That is, through this system, you will manage your site. So its choice when producing a corporate website is no less important. Let’s take a look at the most popular:

  • WordPress is ideal for producing classic projects of small resources and business card positions. Uses standard layouts.
  • Joomla – this option for companies for which the functionality of the resource is more valuable than the appearance. With this system, a large number of functional modules can be installed, but the design will be extremely limited.
  • 1C Bitrix is a system for creating large resources. With a huge number of settings and functions.


As greatly as you would not like it, but to remain competitive these days, the presence of a site is simply necessary. At the moment there are many organizations engaged in the development of turnkey corporate websites. And now that you know some of the features of the development of a corporate website, you can approach this issue more prepared.

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