Personal injury lawsuits – The types of evidence that you should present

Are you a personal injury victim who has tried all things to settle your case outside the court and failed miserably? Now if your case is to be taken to trial, you must be nurturing hopes of winning the much-deserved compensation for the injuries that you’ve sustained. However, in order to win a case, you have to give solid evidence.

If you’re a resident of Spokane, it is advised that you seek the help of a Spokane injury attorney who can present the most valuable proof of the opposition party’s negligence as this is the most crucial part of a turning the case into a successful one. However, before you start relying entirely on your lawyer, here is a list of the types of evidence that you can gather in your personal injury case.

Importance of physical evidence in a PI case

In order to prove the fault of another person in an accident, you can show physical evidence, something that they can touch or see, as against something that can be described. You can show a broken chair or water spilled on the staircase that led to a slip and fall accident. 

Most often, physical evidence can help you in proving the extent, seriousness, and nature of your injuries. Damage done to a car can be proof of the severity of the impact. For instance, the damage done to a car can be proof of the extent of the accident but blood-stained clothing can be a stronger and more dramatic proof of the physical injuries. 

Importance of photos in a personal injury case

In case you were not injured in the accident and you don’t have any solid physical evidence, or you couldn’t preserve the proof, the second-best step to take is to click pictures of the accident scene. Try to take several photos from various angles so that the authority can choose the one that makes the accident most clearly visible. 

You are entitled to click pictures of anything in public places and hence in case an accident occurred, you should click photos in public. In case the area has been closed, try and get permission from any person who is in charge of that area. If anyone denies your request, keep a note of the person who denied you the same. 

Eyewitnesses are of utmost importance in PI cases

You can heighten the courtroom scene by bringing in an eyewitness to the scene. Most of these individuals are the primary observers of the scene where the accident occurred. Other people may be the friends and family members of the victim that give the courtroom details of what happened. Statements from these eyewitnesses are necessary pieces of evidence that are used against the defendant who is asking for compensation. 

When it comes to a successful claim for your personal injuries, you have to provide relevant evidence. Make sure you work with a personal injury lawyer who can help you win a case without any further errors. 

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