Muay Thai Boxing Equipment 2021

Boxing breaks down the abdomen and the benefits of boxing

Boxing is not just a sport but a TV boxing or Muay Thai Boxing Gloves punches (the Muay Thai) is the new fitness concept that was a hit. And now the girls like it very much. Let’s see what girls get from boxing.

Punch Muay Thai (Muay Thai) exercises every part of the body.

The goal of boxing is for every part of the body to use. In addition to stimulating the strength of the body and the circulatory system boxing also enhances the training of related skills such as balance and organ coordination reaction and agility

Punch Muay Thai (Muay Thai) to help flatten the abdomen.

If you want a clear six-pack, try quitting sit-ups and turn to the box because boxing requires very high core muscles. The hips must be twisted to increase the force of the punches and burn more energy than sleeping sit-ups on the floor when the core of the body is strong and burn fatter. The abdominal muscles that girls want to have are not difficult at all.

Thai boxing (Muay Thai) helps relieve stress when faced with all kinds of problems all day, dissatisfied with the boss customers or colleagues feeling bursting with frustration It’s good to be in the ring and punch someone. Or punch a sandbag to let out some emotions. The adrenaline and hormones released during physical exertion have a positive effect on the body. Only how much will go down Better than hurting your body? Drink that liquor

Muay Thai is a form of upper body cardio.

Cardio exercises generally focus on lowering exercises. But boxing requires more upper body movement. This makes it a great choice for girls looking for a mix of exercises or Cross-Training When you’re tired of running or cycling or want to do cardio but don’t want to use your legs too much?

Punch Muay Thai (Muay Thai) helps to develop the body continuously.

Boxing has no fixed rules on which punch to hit first. Or what rhythm is Abpercus? But have to guess the right way to fight finding your own rhythm in the fight is always challenging. There is always something new to learn, which means that the muscles are constantly awakened. The body is therefore constantly being developed. Finally, if any young woman is interested in learning boxing, boxing, or an intense boxing course to open up the experience of becoming a boxer, you can contact us. We want to open the experience to everyone and will have a good mentor teaching Thai boxing and Mae Mai that is correct according to the principles

Practicing the basics of Muay Thai

Muay Thai Equipment is a Thai martial art that has been around for a long time. It is also regarded as a martial art that is recognized all over the world. And that makes both Thais and many foreigners interested in wanting to practice the basics of Muay Thai. How difficult will it be? Let’s go practice.

At first, You have to start with a thorough understanding primitive instinct with training until a new instinct One’s original instincts, such as anger, fear, courage, etc., are used when they are in battle will act according to emotion Or according to the needs of course, whichever party has a lot of strength. Would be the winner and even if the winner is there, there will be trauma or injury due to instinct coupled with emotions by a complete lack of consciousness

Training to become a new instinct Means to revolutionize various habits like the normal walking of our people The legs and arms (on the same side as the legs) will go in different directions. Our kicks are the same. The legs and arms (same side as the kicked leg) will go in different directions. This is the original instinct but the training of Muay Thai Must practice walking with legs and arms. (Same side of the leg) go together Must practice kicking so that the legs and arms (same side of the leg) go in the same direction as follows. Who started practicing Muay Thai It is imperative to fully understand this. After that, practice the exercise of various muscles as a basis for further training the mother or teacher posture. You can find out the best gym equipment singapore

The body of the people it consists of many organs. But the organs that are used as organs are seen as forearms, palms, fingers, fists, nails, elbows, shoulders, heels, ridges, backs of hands, knees, shins, insteps, soles, big toes, toes, heels, arches, ridges of the feet, and in some cases can also use the head to hit. Or use teeth to bite as well. 

  • The forearm refers to the lower arm from under the elbow to the wrist use teeth, chop, press, swipe, open, clamp.
  • Palm refers to the inside with handwriting. It is used to push, swipe, slap, bump, press, squeeze, squeeze.
  • Fingers refer to the five fingers that are used to prick, take out, grab, press, peck, squeeze.
  • Fist refers to the combination of five fingers with a clenched fist. It is used to punch, hit, jab hit, thump, hit, push, swing, push.
  • Elbow refers to bending the arm at an angle. It is used to press, hit, pry, stab, stab, clench, chop, slash, swing, pick up, and drops.
  • The ridge of the hand refers to the side of the palm. From the base of the little finger to the wrist, use to chop teeth, bump, swipe
  • The heel of the hand refers to the area of ​​the wrist that has handwriting used to push and hit.
  • The back of the hand, the hand on the unwritten side, slap, flick, open

Now, Muay Thai is no matter what kind of boxing. The most important thing is the basics. Knowing these basics, don’t forget to come and train your body to be fit farang-clothing at Muay Thai Gym.

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