Missed the last day to file your tax return? The IRS provides these tips for action

The federal tax filing deadline has passed for most people, there are still some taxpayers whose business is still unfinished with their taxes. This includes people who have not yet filled out their application, others who have not yet paid, or who are waiting for their tax return. The IRS provides these tips for solving some common problems after the deadline:

Didn’t you bring your return on April 18?

There is no penalty for late return after due date if you need to be refunded. Penalties and interest are only available on unpaid refunds or unpaid taxes by April 18. IRS gives one day to taxpayers to deposit and pay taxes by Wednesday, April 18; repair systems are up and running, following systemic problems that started on April 17 final tax. Anyone who has not invested and has a tax liability should repay and pay as much as possible to reduce penalties and debt. For those who qualify, the IRS Penalties Free File is still available at IRS until October 15 preparation and electronic return file.

Installation is especially important because the final penalty-paid tax bill increases rapidly. This penalty, also known as failure to pay the penalty, is usually 5 percent per month or part of a month late return.

But if the refund is filed more than 60 days after April, the minimum penalty is US $ 210 or 100 percent of the unpaid tax, whichever is less. This means that if the due tax is $ 210 or less, a penalty equal to the amount of tax due. If the tax should exceed $ 210, the penalty would be $210.

In some cases, late tax registration may be necessary for the penalty to be waived. If there is a good reason for the delay, be sure to include a description and return.

Also, taxpayers with a history of deposit and timely payment are usually eligible for penalty exemption. Generally, a taxpayer will qualify for exemption if he has not been punished for the past three years and meets certain conditions. For more information, see the First Time Reduction Punishment page.

Where is my money?

what is my money? Available at, IRS2Go, and by phone at 800-829-1954, except #2 in Spanish. To use this tool, taxpayers will need to provide their initial security number (SSN), registration status (single, married document attachment, etc.) and their expected return amount upon return. The device is updated once a day, usually at night, so frequent monitoring will not return different results.


Given the tax changes that have taken place this year, the IRS encourages all employees, including those at other financial institutions, to review their salaries as soon as possible. Doing so now will help prevent unexpected taxes at the end of the year, with possible penalties. The easiest way is to use a newly discovered method.

Are you in debt or do you want to pay it off?

Taxpayers with tax credits can pay through IRS Direct Pay, debit or credit cards, or apply for a plan that includes a deposit plan. Before accessing their online tax account, users must verify their identity by acquiring a Seguro practice. Several pages of electronic options are available at They are safe and easy to use. Electronic taxpayers get their tax refund immediately after payment. Additionally, with Direct Pay and EFTPS, taxpayers have the option to receive email notifications.

Do you want to correct mistakes in sentences?

Taxpayers may discover errors or leave information on their tax returns after they have filed their returns. Generally, if the taxpayer makes a math error or doesn’t attach the required form, no refund is required. Usually, the IRS corrects math errors and notifies taxpayers by letter. Likewise, the agency sends a letter asking for any missing forms. Interactive Tax Assistant Available to Taxpayers: Does Debo Offer a Closing of Statements? – Helps determine if you need to install a custom design to correct mistakes or make some changes on return.

Form Formulario 1040X PDF, Prepared U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, must be filed in writing and is readily available at Those looking to get a return on the original return should not make a refund before the original return. Apply an adjusted tax refund to change the file format or to adjust the amount, deduction, or credit of the original tax sent. Shanda Where is my statement? Corrected conditions are usually available three weeks after you make the adjustment. Please allow up to 16 weeks of processing time.

Taxpayer Bill Of Rights

Tax collectors have special rights under the law. The Carta de Derechos del Contribuyente grants ten categories of these rights. These rights protect taxpayers when they join the IRS. PostPublicación 1 PDF, Your Rights as a Taxpayer, outlines these rights and organizational obligations to protect yourself.

Watch Out For Criminals

The IRS will never proactively make initial contact via email, text message or social media about submitting, paying or returning an account. The IRS initiates multiple transactions through regular letters provided by the U.S. Postal Service. Any emails about tax or tax refund questions that appear to be from the IRS could be an attempt by criminals to steal personal or financial information.

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