Misconceptions about hair transplantation

One way to help solve the problem of baldness is effective and get good results. Helping to strengthen the personality and confidence to return is “hair transplant” hair transplantation requires knowledge, expertise, and experience from a team of doctors in giving advice, advice, and making hair transplant in Dubai for those who receive treatment. Treatment of baldness problems Nowadays, there is so much information about hair transplantation that can be read on the internet, both academic and non-academic, that many people are given information that they may not know which one is right and which may be. Misunderstandings can follow. Therefore, here are some answers to questions about “Misunderstandings of hair transplantation” so that those interested in hair transplantation have a correct understanding and can decide whether it is good.

1. Hair transplant can help solve the hair loss problem.

Many people with hair loss problems discuss with Dr. Ziakas to understand that hair transplants can help with hair loss problems. But hair transplantation is the creation of new hair in areas that do not have hair to have hair again. Therefore, hair transplantation does not solve the problem of hair loss.

2. Hair transplant makes more hair.

This is another misconception. Many people believe that hair transplantation will increase the number of hair. The back hair that has been removed will have new hair to grow in its place. Continually grow hair; in reality, the hair that has been removed will no longer be replaced by new hair. Therefore, hair transplantation does not increase the number of hair. It was only moving you from one place to another.

3. Hair transplant should be done when the head is very bald.

This is often heard from people around people who want to get hair transplants. Over time, the problem of baldness has a chance to continue to expand the area while the hair that was transplanted out was still the same amount. Therefore, if you want to grow your hair, the problem area is larger than the number of hairs you have, causing the result to look unattractive or to be planted as if it could not be produced.

4. The hair that was planted fell out.

Since hair transplants only correct areas where hair has disappeared, the rest of the hair on the scalp still has areas under the influence of heredity and testosterone DHT that has the potential to fade from the scalp over time. Medication plays a vital role in keeping those hairs in place so that after the hair transplant, they will retain their full head of hair for as long as possible.

5. Hair transplantation is not only one technique.

Most people probably understand that hair transplantation is just a FUT or FUE technique, a term describing a method of removing hair from the back of the head, cutting the scalp into long pieces, or using a perforation. In detail, there are still some techniques in the planting process after that, such as:

– DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique with a particular device called DHI Implanter can embroider and grow hair in one go. And it also helps to control the direction of the hair that grows naturally.

– Long Hair DHI technique transplants hair with long hair without cutting it into a short stump that will help camouflage the wound caused by the hair transplant to no one to be seen.

– DHI Female Hairline with selected styles suitable for creating a woman’s front hairline to look dynamic and soft.

Permanent hair transplantation is a craft that requires a high level of detail, skill, and expertise. So what will you get from this permanent hair transplant? It will help solve the problem of baldness, Build confidence and promote your personality to look better. That means that permanent hair transplants are worth the investment. And it is a pleasure that is not related to the price or the cost of treatment. But is the value and sentimental value of each person. Don’t let the problem of baldness unravel. As a result, you lose confidence. If interested, you can send a header image to the doctor to evaluate for further treatment.

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