Merits of Working from Home

In 2020 and 2021, companies were forced to do what no one expected — have absolutely everyone work from home for months on end. The pandemic helped open the eyes of companies and workers to the many benefits of a home-based workspace.

As an employee, you might wonder if you should push for a long-term work-from-home position, or simply return to work in an office environment the way you did before the pandemic.

There are a lot of benefits to working from home, however. Before you make your decision, consider these merits of telecommuting.

No Commute

The biggest hassle for most Americans is the daily commute. Many employees spend hours each week simply driving from their home to work and back again. When you work from home, that becomes a thing of the past.

No commute means more time to get ready in the morning, have a healthy breakfast, or even work out. Or, you might spend quiet time just meditating and getting your mind and spirit ready for the day.

However you spend your morning, it’s a huge relief not to commute! Here’s a tip from the folks at Freeway Insurance – check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify for a discount on your policy since you’ve reduced your mileage by working from home.

You Design Your Environment

Need it warmer? Cooler? Quieter? Background noise?

Whatever you need, you can provide it to yourself while working from home without upsetting coworkers. You can spread out or stick to a smaller space. You can turn the thermostat to your most productive temperature.

If you like to have background noise, you can turn on the radio or television. Or, you can keep it quiet by closing your home office door. There are fewer office distractions, such as a loud coworker or significant traffic noise.

You can set up your desk exactly the way you want. From ergonomic chairs to the right keyboard and the perfect height for your computer, everything is customizable for your needs.

Higher Productivity

One thing that many companies and employees discovered in 2020 was that working from home generally meant a higher level of productivity. People focused on the work they needed to do instead of being interrupted by coworkers stopping by and unnecessary meetings.

This allows you to focus on your work performance, not your appearance or office politics. And that’s a huge relief to a lot of people.

More Work Opportunities

When you work in an office, you naturally need to live near that office location. That means that your job opportunities are limited to the positions available near your home.

When you telecommute, that changes. As a remote worker, you’re able to take any position you qualify for that allows you to work from home. You could work for a company across the country or in another nation. As long as the payment arrangements are set up and the expectations are clear, nothing is holding you back from succeeding.

Having additional work opportunities is great for employees, and having a larger pool of applicants is great for businesses. It’s a win-win!

Do You Want to Work From Home?

Remote work positions are more available now than they’ve ever been before. You do have to do a bit more research to ensure that it’s a legitimate position, but once you do, the benefits are huge. Use reputable job boards to look for remote positions and put in your application.

You’ll love the flexibility and opportunities you gain by working from home.

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