Melnichenko “Olimp” Ilya: “Today I will answer a question that people often ask me nowadays. How to become a programmer?”

What do I need to learn to become a web developer?

What I am about to tell you is my point of view — it is not rock-solid truth. And I am not telling you that this is the only way to become a web developer — but I will show you the way I used, the way, which I find the most natural for becoming a web developer today, becoming a good web programmer and making money from it.

My method to become a web developer consists of 7 distinct steps.

1. Desire, patience, consistency, and passion

The most important things, I believe, are to devote yourself to web development and use your desire, endurance, and do what you like. Passion, I would say.

You must be patient, and you must like this job because otherwise you will get tired very soon. After all, the world of development is very complex and requires many hours of work at home and studying.

2. Learning HTML

If you want to be a web developer, it is necessary to learn the ropes of HTML.

HTML is a markup language that allows us to define the structure of a web page – we can determine it with markup tags, so it is the basis of any web page.

If you do not know HTML, you cannot get ahead in the world of web programming — it is essential to learn it.

3. Learn CSS

The next step is to learn how to style a web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It is a language that will allow you to give a website its look.

It’s essential to know how to style your website, and it is the next logical step after learning HTML.

4. Learning JavaScript

After we already learned the two steps mentioned above, the next thing on our path to becoming a web developer will be JavaScript. It is a rapidly developing language because technologies such as NodeJS, Angular, and many others are coming out that allow us to do amazing things on the internet.

JavaScript gives interactivity on the internet, and all websites on the internet use it.

5. Stop learning and start practicing

Why am I saying this? Because now is time to master what you’ve learned and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. “What you need to do is layout the entire web and give it some interactivity with JavaScript.”

6. Explore databases and SQL

Now you have to learn some backend. And before learning any other programming language, it is necessary to master databases and SQL language.

So stop and learn it well. I chose MySQL, learned how to create a database and do all types of queries in SQL.

It is a tipping point when many people fail.

7. Learn the server-side language (PHP, NodeJS)

At this point, you should learn a backend language like PHP that will allow you to make your website dynamic and interact with databases.

8. Look to grow by learning Symfony, Angular, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Less

Finally, I recommend you explore the advanced frameworks and technologies that are in the most demand on the professional market around the world.

Well, those were the most significant steps to become a web programmer, and we already know what to learn to become a web developer. яндекс

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