Maintaining Seniors’ Activity- Looking After Aging Parents.

Most of us focus on the positive aspects of physical activity when considering its advantages, such as maintaining a healthy body mass, lowering blood pressure, and forging better bones and muscles. However, another aspect of remaining active is crucial for seniors. Here are a few things by Phoenixville home support services you may do to support an aging parent in staying active as they age if you have one:

  • Look for volunteer opportunities for them. 

There are spots in most cities and communities where a small amount of volunteer assistance can have a tremendous impact. The likely options are clinics, museums, schools, food banks, and animal shelters. Try looking online for volunteer opportunities around you to uncover other possibilities. Activities offered by some groups can also be completed at home. A fast Google search for “virtual volunteering” yields many results.

  • Exercise: Develop original thinking 

Walking is excellent, especially if you and your parents make it a regular “date.” But other pursuits are also beneficial. Elderly yoga or tai chi, dancing, and swimming can all help you feel better physically and relieve stress. Exercise includes everything you do around the house, such as landscaping or small home improvements. Success requires choosing enjoyable activities for your parents and allowing them to switch them up if it becomes stale. Check out your senior neighborhood groups for exercise programs tailored specifically for your parents if they suffer from arthritis or another condition that prohibits them from participating in regular exercise.

  • Help them register for a course.

For senior students, many colleges and institutions waive or significantly lower tuition. Non-credit classes for abilities like cookery, art, and other subjects are regularly offered in high schools.

  • Encourage journaling

Keeping a journal is a fantastic technique to enhance memory and retain cognitive abilities. While some families may wish to journal their experiences for their grandchildren to read about in the future, others might want to write about whatever is on their mind at the moment in a more “freestyle” manner. They are in charge. Look for writing instruments for individuals with physical limitations if your folks have tremors or difficulty gripping a pen.

  • Look into audiobooks 

Reading is a terrific method to combine enjoyment and cognitive advantages, but it can be challenging to focus for extended periods due to aging eyes. There are several recorded selections available that may be acquired and played for free through libraries and online sources.

  • Give them a planner or a calendar. 

When they can plan and anticipate activities, many elders feel more “in charge” of their life. 

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