Keep your staff cool with office and industrial fans

As one of the most popular electrical items found in almost every home and business, fans are one of the most efficient ways of keeping cool.

Fans are available in many different shapes and sizes, and most come built-in with various speed settings to control air flow.

If you’re thinking about getting heavy-duty fans for your business to help keep your staff and colleagues cool, below are some things you may want to consider before you purchase.


Considering both how much space you have to spare for a fan in your area is important. If you work in a small office, a table or pedestal fan is probably the best choice since they are effective on your desk or on the floor.

However, if you’re looking for a fan for a much larger space, then you may want to consider going industrial. Industrial fans are designed to move huge volumes of air around for ventilation and cooling purposes. They are widely used in many industries such as manufacturing, food processing and metal manufacturing.


Offices require a quiet and calm environment and so nothing can be more annoying than a fan that rattles as it runs. Much like many other appliances, if a fan is noisy, an uneven surface is often the culprit.

Smaller fans with high-performance motors can operate silently to suit the space they are placed in. For industrial fans, they are usually placed in large spaces which can be very loud such as warehouses and workshops so noisy fans aren’t so much of an issue.

Speed settings

Most fans are capable of running at different speeds, depending on if you’d prefer to enjoy a gentle breeze or a powerful blast of air.

While many models feature the standard Low, Medium and High-speed settings, others use a speed dial or digital controls to manage their variable speeds more precisely.

What are the different types of fans available?

  • Desk fans: small and compact, these types of fans are the ideal companion for your desk. They provide enough air circulation to keep you cool whilst you are working.
  • Pedestal fans: these are very handy for getting the air moving around a room, especially when set to oscillate. The metal stand can be adjusted to different height settings and they can be easily moved around.
  • Tower fans: these have a slim and attractive design which makes them perfect for office and smaller spaces. They circulate air at a 90-degree angle, and when placed correctly, they can distribute the air throughout the room.
  • Ceiling fans: these are fixed onto the ceiling of the room, often under or next to the light fixture. Equipped with high-performance and energy-efficient motors, the coverage area of ceiling fans is more extensive than other types.
  • Industrial floor fans: these powerful industrial drum fans are capable of circulating huge amounts of air. They range in size from 18″ to 36″ in diameter and are available in oscillating and static versions.

Author Bio: First Mats started life as safety matting specialists, but have since expanded to become a complete industrial and commercial supplies company. The focus of First Mats is to provide safety-focused products that improve the wellbeing of staff through quality approved products, backed up by extensive knowledge.

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