KakaoTalk Review

KakaoTalk is a free messenger designed by Korean developers. It is an app for smartphones that allows sending instant text messages to friends and colleagues. The app is installed on about 93% of smartphones in the country.

Although the messenger was initially developed for the Korean audience, over years it has gained popularity within the Asian region and penetrated other states. Thus, nowadays the app is actively used in Indonesia, China, Japan, and others. The total audience counts over 150 million users. So, here, let’s have a detailed KakaoTalk review and point out its features.

Opportunities for Using the App

In addition to sending and receiving SMSs, the messenger provides other opportunities. Users can:

  1. Make lists of friends and add not only actual friends to it but also celebrities. Thus, the user will have access to all updates of songs, videos, and other content.
  2. A wide range of video and audio elements. Users can add emoticons and use both audio and video filters when sending voice or video messages.
  3. The app automatically synchronizes with your contact list and allows adding all contacts to your friend list.
  4. Users can share photos, videos, and other interesting content.
  5. It is possible to seek new friends and make new acquaintances.

The messenger has a responsive, user-oriented interface and a convenient set of tools.

Note that another feature of the app is that if you call an unregistered user, the call will reach the receiver, but it won’t be free. The cost will be calculated according to the price policy of a mobile operator.

The Procedure for Downloading the App

The utility is originally designed for smartphones. Users should download the KakaoTalk app to start chatting on the messenger. Two different versions of the program are developed. Software is available in the Play Market and App Store. Also, it is possible to find a link on the official website. Thus, if you want to install KakaoTalk on your smartphone, follow the guide:

  1. Go to the official website and find a live link to a download file (clickable icons of Android and iOS). You’ll be redirected to the corresponding system. Or to simplify the task, open the App Store or Play Market (depending on the device and the OS used) and enter the app name.
  2. Search the “KakaoTalk” utility. Click on the “Install” button. An installation will begin.
  3. Unpack the installation file.

Supported Devices

The software is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. Although it is mainly designed for smartphones, it is also supported on PCs, tablets, and other voice hardware.

The program is optimized for any kind of device. It has an adjustable interface. It means that when opening the KakaoTalk account on a small smartphone, a table, or a full-fledged PC screen, the interface will look perfect and won’t have any visible defects. Users face no blurred segments, visible pixels, or other problems.

Business VS Private Use

The utility was originally designed for private communication and chatting with acquaintances. Yet, with the rise of messenger popularity, businesses have also entered the channel. Many companies offer this messenger for staying in touch with clients, sending newsletters, etc.

KakaoTalk Security

The issue of user data protection is essential for every Web recourse, including social networks and messengers. KakaoTalk uses modern tools and tech encryption solutions to protect user privacy. For example, KakaoTalk SMS verification is required to prove identity. Yet, note that in comparison with competitive messengers, the regarded one does not have end-to-end encryption.

Profile identification takes place via a phone number. No username is needed to prove your real, human nature.

This messenger lags behind in terms of security because it does not encrypt messages and does not have screenshot detection.

Messaging Features

When chatting, users can set different functions:

  • They can turn on/off visibility mode. Thus, users won’t see whether you’re online;
  • The app shows when someone is typing you;
  • Users can set messages to be marked as “Seen” or “Unread”;
  • The time of the last visit can also be hidden;
  • It is possible to delete message history for you or both interlocutors.

Sign-up Options

As mentioned above, users should have a phone number to become part of the KakaoTalk community. No username, password, or SIM card is actually required. Usually, having a phone number implies having a SIM card. Let’s see all possible ways to register in the system:

  1. Quick registration via a smartphone

Upon installing the file, open the app and enter the phone number, to which a verification SMS will be sent.

  1. Registration via a desktop profile

You can open the app in a browser version. Yet, you still need a phone number to verify your profile.

As you see, clients need phone numbers anyway. We’ve mentioned above that the security policy of the KakaoTalk program is weak. It means that the app can become the target of hackers. For app users, this is a bad sign since it means poor security conditions and a lack of privacy. Is there an alternative on how to use the platform without risking private data? Yes, here’s one!

A fake phone number is a modern solution that will help keep your private information protected from scammers. A virtual fake number is an online phone number designed for registration and account authentication without risking privacy.

Benefits of Fake Online Phone Numbers

  1. Virtual numbers allow registering on any website or social network, including banned ones.
  2. There is no need to specify real data to verify profiles.
  3. There is no risk of blackmailing, data leakage, stalking, etc.
  4. An opportunity to create multiple accounts. KakaoTalk allows creating only one profile for one phone. What should one do if he/she wants to create a private profile and a business account to separate private life and work?
  5. An opportunity to use the phone without a physical smartphone. Virtual phones work via any voice hardware.
  6. A fake number stays with you regardless of your location. It won’t be lost during moving.
  7. For business, buying a virtual number of another country is an excellent way to extend world presence and enter new markets.

KakaoTalk is a popular Korean messenger. Although its popularity is lower than that of its counterparts, it is widely used in the Asian region. The app provides a wide range of useful tools for communication, chatting, and sharing content. However, its security policy lags behind. To secure themselves from hacking and data theft, users can enter fake virtual numbers for profile authentication.

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