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Isn’t business a secure career?

The name of my friend is John. John had a dream from childhood. He wanted to become a businessman. When John finished his study, my friend started a business. He had enough capital, but his company broke down within somedays. He could not establish his business. 

The example is not for John. Many people like John exist in our society.

That’s why many of us afraid to dream of business. 

In that case, there is a question that is not a secure career?

Let’s solve this confusion.

Dream (business vs. job):

The dream is the root of every career. You cannot make any career without a goal. If you do anything in your life, you have to dream. Firstly, you must be decided what you want a job or business.

Passion (business vs. job):

Passion is the oxygen of dream, on the assumption that goals cannot complete without love. But your aim is business. You have to more passionate.

Strategy (business vs. job):

Strategy means policy. It is said that business strategy is more comfortable than job strategy. But for every time, it is not valid. After a job, you will get a saving. But business starts with savings.

Career security (business vs. job):

A job is a secure life, and business is a struggle. But you follow proper strategy for business. Trade is also a safe career. After the appointment, you will get a Retirement from employment, but the company has no retirement if you want. 

Business vs. job:

In the job, you have a boss. You have to do the work of others. But business is all of yours. You are the boss of you. 


In conclusion, though the business is struggling, business is a secure career if you follow the right path and right policy. So, if you passionate about business, you have to fill your dream.

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