Is There any Certification for Angular?

Can you believe that the answer to the question or the title of the article is “NO”?

Yes, you read it right!

There is no official certification for Angular. But there are a plethora of online training providers that make you learn Angular in-depth and provide you the most valued Angular Certification

The courses are designed for technical project managers, UI developers, full-stack web developers, architects, quality assurance specialists, and students who love to design the front-end. 

Did You Know?

The average annual salary of an angular js developer at a mid-career is around INR 461,000 which can go as high as INR 8,50,000 when you have gained five to nine years of experience.

Though the salary varies with various factors such as geographic location, experience, and the company you work with. 

Dr. Christopher Dayagdag says

“ We don’t sell websites, we create websites that SELL.”

Is there any difference between creating websites and creating websites that sell?

Yes! A huge one!

Because creating a website that cannot sell means it is not impressive or effective enough to draw potential customers to itself.

So, what do you need to design a website that can actually sell?

What are those potential features of the website that enable it to sell?

Is it its design, appearance, user-interface, chatbot, or animation?

All the factors are considered to make a website potent enough to sell.

And what do you need to make the website powerful?

A strong framework.

Angular is a framework that is a leading framework that is designed for building creative, interactive, and powerful web applications. Angular was designed by a group of tech professionals who wanted to make web development “effortless”. 

Did you know?

Angular is considered to be the most popular front-end development tool to date.

Every iteration of Angular is better than it’s the previous version, the latest version being Angular 8 which is feature-rich and makes web development a fun experience.

Let us now explore what Angular is, its features, and how you can learn Angular.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source, cross-platform, client-side framework that is designed for building web applications. It is based on TypeScript which comes with component architecture, dynamic loading, modularity, different expression syntax, which are just to name a few features. 

It works on multiple platforms as mobile applications, desktop, and web applications. 

Quick Bite:

Some potential businesses and organizations that widely use Angular are General Motors, The Guardian, PayPal, Sony, ING, Netflix, HBO, Nike, and of course Google.

Angular Features

Let us explore some of the most powerful features of Angular that make it one of the most favorite front end development tools for application developers.

  • Cross-Platform

Angular allows you to develop Progressive Web Application (PWA). Cross-platform refers to the fact that Angular allows you to develop web applications across mobile, desktop, and web.

  • Speed and Performance

A tool is considered versatile if it provides high speed and excellent performance. Angular turns templates into codes, eventually redefining the Javascript Virtual Machine or JVM. And the most important feature is that it allows you to render your code into HTML, and CSS, and you can view your application on different platforms such as .Net, PHP, or Node.Js.

  • MVC architecture

With MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, you can split your application and connect them by coding for it.

  • Two-way Data Binding

The two-way data binding system is the most important feature of Angular. It saves your time by allowing you to make the changes in the model and synchronizing it automatically.

  • Dependency Injection

 You can ask for any line of code and it delivers to you eventually saving the time of web development.

  • Directives

Angular allows you to define custom HTML tags and serve them as custom widgets with the help of directives.

  • Requires Less Coding

You need less coding with Angular because it doesn’t require you to write different codes to link MVC layers, and also you don’t require code for viewing the application manually.

Other features of Angular include TypeScript, Angular CLI(Command Line Interface), Component Development Kit(CDK), Virtual Scrolling.

Responsibilities of an Angular Developer

  • To deliver a complete and working front-end application.
  • To write the elements of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that are properly written, tested, and documented.
  • To make sure that the application across different platforms like mobile and desktop perform the way it is expected to do so.
  • To coordinate the workflow between an Angular developer, graphic designer, and HTML coder.
  • To build the RESTful APIs along with cooperating with the server-side developers.
  • To stay in communication with external web services.

Skills Required to Become an Angular Developer

The first and foremost skill required for an Angular Developer is an in-depth understanding of the Angular Framework, excellent command over TypeScript, a good grasp over Core JavaScript, in-depth knowledge of web markup (most importantly HTML), and Cascading StyleSheets.

In addition, you are required to have significant experience with RESTful API integration. It can be advantageous to have the knowledge of adjacent technologies as in Node and Webpack. If you can observe small mistakes and pick on mistakes quickly, you can write high-quality codes. Good communication skills and teamwork skills are crucial soft skills you need to acquire in order to become a successful Angular Developer.

How can you become an Angular Developer?

To attain expertise in Angular Development, you need to learn some of the technologies that form the foundation of web development in Angular.  

The most crucial step is to learn JavaScript in detail as it forms the base on which you launch your Angular Developer career. The next step is to learn TypeScript and then Angular. There are a huge number of resources that can help you in learning Angular.

Take classes either online or from a university. 

Practice makes everyone perfect, so practice the tools available in Angular and start making your own applications.

Joining a community devoted to Angular can help you with all the doubts you have. 

Also, you can listen to podcasts, watch videos, and also read blogs related to Angular.

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