Is There A Legit Insta Stalker App That Actually Works

There are hundreds of mobile applications that are supposedly designed to monitor Instagram accounts that you want to follow. But the fact is that how many of these apps are real and reliable? Do they actually perform what they are meant to do?

Well, monitoring others on Instagram, for business or personal reasons, has just got real, thanks to Snoopreport. 

Want to download Snoopreport? Well, this review is meant just for you.

What can you do using Snoopreport?

Snoopreport is an insta stalker app that is enjoying a lot of attention right now for all the right reasons!

It has already become the favorite monitoring software for businesses running on Instagram because it helps them to be on toes in various ways. For starters, business owners can get a detailed report about the activity of a user, and based upon it they can target the user. 

How to use Snoopreport?

The interface of this software is user friendly so even if you don’t have impressionable tech skills, you can easily navigate into the platform. 

  • Registration

It all starts with registering yourself with the services of the software. And to do that all you need is a valid email address and a strong password to go with it. After you have completed your registration, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the platform. 

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  • Adding IG account(s)

Please note that this will not be your Instagram account rather it will be the account(s) you want to stalk. Adding in multiple accounts at the same time is pretty easy; you just have to type in the username of the user(s) and click on add. 

Although you can add in multiple accounts of your potential leads, Snoopreport cannot monitor private accounts. You can also set the duration in which you want to monitor a particular account. The feasible strategy would be to divide the time Snoopreport gives you to monitor between multiple accounts. In case you are not content with the time you are left with, you can click on “Buy Time”.

  • Analyzing the reports

After the completion of the time frame you have chosen to monitor selected accounts, Snoopreport will generate the reports. The report will contain all the details like the accounts the user followed, the posts they liked and commented on, etc. Therefore you will be able to know whether that user is interacting with your rival brand and based on it you can take action. 

What are the advantages of being a Snoopreport user?

Here are some of the pros of using the software:

  • You can get a glimpse of your competitor’s strategies
  • Businesses will have clues about the needs of their potential customers. 
  • Even if you don’t own a business, you can use it to stalk your crush. 
  • All the data provided by Snoopreport is accurate. 

You can also use Snoopreport as long as you wish to and you will be charged accordingly. You can also import the reports from the software into a .csv file to conduct further analysis. 

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