Is Now a Good Time to Buy Crypto?

Because of the recent rapid spike in prices, now may not be the greatest moment to invest, especially if you believe bitcoin is in a bubble. However, you might be looking to buy Tether, in which case the topic of bitcoin comes up again…


Given that the Bitcoin price has steadied since its low point last June — and has actually gained by up to 20% in recent weeks — it is possible that the bottom is now behind cryptocurrency, creating an opportunity to invest for the next long-term cycle. When these kinds of significant reductions happen for cryptos across the board, a lot of investors and enthusiasts start pushing the old investing adage that it is time to buy the dips – because a lot of people are hoping these lowers are symptomatic of temporary declines, rather than long-term bear markets.

Market-leading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have fallen by more than 70% since their all-time highs in November of last year. The cryptocurrency markets, as has been the case for some time, drew their cues from more established markets, but they fell even farther, with Bitcoin losing more than 9% last Wednesday before recovering considerably by the end of the week. Bitcoin was previously worth about $69,000 per coin, but the latest drop in its fortunes began in May, when it went below a crucial $12,000 barrier as the broader crypto market imploded.

Only one way to go after a collapse — up

The cryptocurrency market crash is affecting all large and minor crypto coins; Bitcoin, in particular, has seen its market value plummet significantly. Bitcoin has experienced considerable drops in recent months, prompting investors to seek an exit, resulting in a shift toward new, interested buyers of the cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency is still a new and relatively untested industry, it is far riskier than equities. The bitcoin bubble appears to have burst, with investors losing faith in the cryptocurrency business.

We might speculate about the future value of cryptocurrencies for investors in the coming months and years (and plenty of people will), or even what Ethereum will be worth in 2030, but the reality is that it is still a new, speculative investment with limited history on which to base forecasts. As cryptocurrency prices become more predictable, there is a chance that cryptocurrency will be used as a medium of commerce rather than as a store of value, thus propelling its market value to previously unseen levels. With cryptocurrency prices so low, this may appear to be an excellent time for first-time purchasers to join in on the action, given the popularity of a “buy crypto when prices drop” trend this year by industry luminaries such as Microstrategy’s Michael Sailor and Tesla’s Elon Musk.

Are you in or out?

The cryptocurrency world’s kings, bitcoin and Ethereum, influenced the market’s overall trajectory, as two of the most popular digital assets for purchasing and trading. As a result, practically every other currency has replicated its price movements, because crypto trading whales like to invest across a variety of different currencies for diversification, with the majority of their wealth put in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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