Is it worth to buy a proxy server

Nowadays, many users want to remain anonymous on the Internet. There are a large number of programs that can provide this. However, another popular option is to purchase a proxy. High-quality proxies from different countries can be purchased at

Also, very often you can find messages on the websites of online stores and business projects that they do not work with clients from other countries or regions; an excellent solution would also be to use a proxy server.

What is it?

Proxies are a link between a computer and a website. Certain conditions are created under which the appearance that the proxy is a real person is turned on, but at the same time the real person is hidden. Proxies have the following features:

  1. Ensuring confidentiality. The real address of a person, his data, as well as his location are hidden.
  2. Enhanced security. In hacker attacks, the attack will be carried out on a proxy, and not on a real user.
  3. The ability to access content in a specific location. This is relevant for people who want to go to the site, but it is not available in a certain area.
  4. Acceleration of access to some sites on the Internet.
  5. Access to sites that are blocked in this region.

When using a proxy, the IP address is spoofed. Then the sites display a completely different address, and not the address of the real user.

Types of proxy servers

Proxy servers are quite diverse. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages. Each species is worth considering in more detail. To get more fast prixy server you can visit this site Geonode.


Such servers do not have any anonymity. When connected, it says that a proxy server is being used. The user’s IP address is also transmitted. Most often, such options are used in educational institutions.

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The most demanded type of proxy. It transmits the IP address, but does not transmit information about the owner. There is a transfer of impersonal information from both sides. However, the reaction of sites to such a connection can be varied.


These types of proxies constantly change their IP address and it is almost impossible to calculate it. With such proxies, there is no way to track traffic and associate it with the client. If you want to know about proxy services, you can visit this site Geonode.

Protocols of proxy servers

There are several types of proxy servers. Basically, they differ in the data transfer protocol. This means that the proxy server can only transfer information using its own protocol and cannot be used in any other way.

  • HTTP is the most common server used to access websites.
  • SSL (HTTPS) – These servers are also used to access websites, but in addition they use encryption to protect the information transmitted.
  • FTP – proxy server data is used only for transferring data and files via FTP protocol. They are mainly used when working with special FTP clients. Visit GoAnywhere to learn about how an enterprise ftp server can help your business
  • Socks – These servers are state of the art. They allow you to send and receive various types of data. They are ideal for most of the tasks faced by the average user.Read more about: Pii-email

Thus, proxies are quite a useful thing. Servers from different countries can be purchased on the site.

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