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The video goes viral! It is a common phrase we usually hear. The magic of viral marketing is people feel an urgency to share content and make it viral. In this post, we are sharing how you can apply viral marketing on Instagram.

What is viral marketing?

Every business desires that their content and brand will be shared thousands of times. However, it rarely happens in real life in general! Viral marketing is the same thing we just shared. 

Viral marketing is a tactic of promoting a business where you create something unbelievable that people become crazy to share. It helps you to spread your message and business rapidly on a platform like Instagram. 

Big brands like Cocacola are well-known for promoting their products through viral marketing. Viral marketing requires your creative concept and assumption, nothing more. It is aggressive, cost-effective, and powerful for brand building. 

Here are some points to apply for viral marketing on Instagram

Consider 4 Ts

Before you launch any viral campaign, you should always think about the 4 Ts. The 4-T concept consists of target, tactics, timeline, and total spend. Let’s elaborate on the point.

Target – what is your objective to achieve through the campaign?

Tactics – what strategies do you want to apply?

Timeline – how long will the campaign last?

Total budget – how is your budget to run such marketing? 

Following the 4 Ts will help you to create and run solid Instagram viral marketing.

Include some emotion

Though emotion has little place in real life, it is a powerful component in any marketing. Emotional marketing allures the audience that creates a strong bonding between the brand and customers. Viral marketing can poke the customers with different levels of emotions like joy, anger, surprise, excitement, and so on. Due to such a powerful impact, it is extremely effective for branding that works as a sales booster. For instance, Coca-cola offers pair bottles for friends, couples, and siblings that will surely make you emotional. You create something really emotional that will entice your Instagram followers to share.

Offer something useful

According to the majority of digital marketers, content marketing is the new trend to boost your business both online and offline. Among the many formats of content, useful content easily goes viral. You can also notice that people are eager to consume “how-to” videos and blog posts. In your marketing materials, you can include some useful and informative things that people would like to share. If the concept is super unique, the chance of becoming viral is higher. 

Create a need

It is an ancient debate if marketers create a need in the market. Either it is true, or false, you need to create a need among the audience through Instagram viral marketing. The effortless way to generate needs is to focus on customers’ issues. Needs are born through people’s problems. For instance, an umbrella is a need during the rainy season, and everyone knows why!

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