Important Tips Before JEE Exams

JEE Mains is one of the most challenging and popular engineering entrance examinations in our country. Cracking JEE mains is not an easy task. Lakhs of students appear for the Joint Entrance Exam every year, where some of the brightest minds compete fiercely against each other. The majority of the students start their preparation a year or two before the examination date. Students must strictly follow their study plan. They must aim at studying 8 hours a day. Following are some ways students can prepare for their JEE Mains examinations and some important tips that they need to know before attempting to write the exam. 

  • Create a routine – 

Students must make a plan for their day, this includes how much time to allot to study, for how long their study sessions should be. They must allow a certain amount of time in the day to relax to protect them from becoming anxious and keep them healthy. 

  • Use the right books – 

It is always advised that the student get a hold of books that will be useful and help them in their preparations. NCERT is normally recommended to the students but other good books can be referred to by students for better concept learning and understanding. 

  • Understanding the exam pattern – 

This is the most important thing that a student should do before attempting the exam. For JEE Mains the student must understand the pattern thoroughly and plan accordingly to score maximum marks. A student can score a maximum of 360 marks in jee mains exam. There are three sections in the exam which are physics, chemistry and mathematics. Each section has 30 questions. A Student scores plus four if the answer is correct and gets a negative one mark if the answer is wrong. If a question is left unattempted then the students don’t score or lose any marks. The exam is for around 180 minutes. A student should plan accordingly to attempt 90 questions in 180 mins. 

  • Knowing the syllabus – 

It is completely wrong if the students ignore the syllabus. By getting an overview of the entire syllabus the student will gain valuable information and insights about the important topics that a student should focus on, the objective of the question setter, the objective of the authors and a lot of other meaningful insights. This will benefit the students in several ways and hence the students will be able to develop a well-organised plan for their JEE mains exams preparations. 

  • Solve JEE mains question paper – 

Students must be encouraged to solve and attempt JEE main previous year papers. This will give the students an overview of the exam pattern. As the students keep solving jee mains question papers they become familiar with the type of questions that can come, the duration of the exam, the different ways to approach the exam.  

  • Make notes – 

As the students are well aware, the syllabus of jee mains examination is not easy or small. Students should make a habit of writing notes of all important points, formulas or equations. This will help the students to recollect better if they practice it by writing. This will help students to revise with ease and the students can brush up the entire portion in relatively less time concentrating more on all the important topics and concepts. 

  • The disciplined approach of studying – 

Students must be disciplined. They must be honest with themselves and should drop their act of procrastination. Students should continuously self evaluate themselves to have a better understanding of where they stand. This will also help the students to proceed further in the direction they need to focus on and help the students to plan better. 

  • Stay healthy –

Students must stay healthy to focus better. This is because they have a clear mindset with no particular distraction, making it easier for them to study and understand all the concepts and formulas necessary. The students must exercise regularly, this will help the oxygen flow to the brain making it easier for students to concentrate. As the students are healthy, the human brain tends to focus better, and hence the students can be more productive. 

  • Avoid distractions – 

With the continuous advancement in technology, it is very easy for students to lose track and get distracted due to social media. Students must try to avoid distractions at any cost. Students must be self-aware and make sure they make efficient use of all the technology provided to them. Students can do this by finding their recreational method of freeing their kind without using any technology. This can be either going for a run, listening to music, reading/ watching comedy etc. this will help the student to rejuvenate their mind and help them study better. 

  • Being composed – 

Although you may think that this exam is going to determine your future, it is not. It is just another exam and you need to learn to be composed. Try your best not to be stressed as it can lead you to forget everything that you have learned. The night before the exam tries not to learn new information as it may be hard to retain it in your memory. You need to keep your mind off the tension of the exam for the next day. You must get a good sleep the previous night and wake up in a fresh mood. Just remain cool, focused, and calm and everything will fall into place.

The most important tip that you need to know before attempting to write the JEE exams is that preparation is everything. You need to be well prepared by understanding the syllabus, knowing the exam pattern, solving sample papers, using ideal reference books, creating a timetable, and revising concepts and topics daily. You just need to believe in yourself and believe in your preparation method and you will be able to ace this exam. All the best to you, hope you do well.

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