Important Things You need to Know about MDF Boards

MDF is medium-density fiberboard in its complete form. The name MDF comes from how the fiberboard densities vary. MDF board is a substitute for solid wood which was developed by utilizing the sawdust and woodchips waste from lumber mills. This article will enlighten you on everything you need to know about MDF boards.

I know you have so many questions about this type of board, the process of making it, the advantages and disadvantages, the maintenance of the board, and the price of the different types of the MDF board. MDF boards can be differentiated in two ways that are through features and finishing.

I have detailed much ahead in the article, continue reading for more enlightenment.

The process of developing the MDF board

Softwood or hardwood residuals are broken down and crushed to form wood fibers. The wood fibers are then combined with resin binder and wax. A defibrillator is then used to turn the material into panels whereby it presses the material together under pressure conditions that are high and high temperature.

Once the board is formed, it is then sanded down to allow a soft finish. For the coating of the board, oil, paints, and vanishes are then used. For finishing, veneers and laminates are sometimes required. MDF density is denser than other boards due to the availability of heavy resins.

The pros of MDF

MDF board provides several advantages such as flexibility compared to other wood is shaped easily and therefore easy to use on curved surfaces. The mdf board price Nairobi is affordable and lasts long. A painted MDF board has a smooth surface. It is easy to drill, cut, machine and file without tampering with the surface. It does not have knots. They are of great quality.

The cons of MDF

MDF also has its disadvantages therefore, be keen you can make the right decision. If an MDF board of low grade gets water-saturated, it can swell and easily break. An MDF board that is not sealed can expand due to flexibility in cold environments. MDF board contains formaldehyde which when released may cause eye allergy, and lung irritation during sanding and cutting.

Prices of MDF boards

The prices of the MDF board depend on the type of MDF board you’re willing to purchase. The price of a laminated board is higher than the price of a plain MDF board. The grade and thickness of the board also determine the price. MDF boards can be found in different thicknesses depending on the application.     

Safety precautions

Correct safety rules should be taken when dealing with MDF to avoid danger. These precautions are very essential while working using an MDF board. Wear a facemask and goggles when cutting using a machine for the dust produced is dangerous. MDF cutters’ edges blunt easily due to the glue on the board. Urea-formaldehyde is released by the MDF surface.


In conclusion, MDF is not only cheap, but it is also the most preferred board for someone with average earnings. The versatility is perfect and the MDF board is of good quality. Do you have a project that needs MDF boards? If you do, I’m sure this article has helped you in your decision-making.

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