Importance of self-study.

With the growing technology and the internet facility, learning is very convenient for the students. With the invention of online classes app and digital learning, students can learn anywhere and at any time. This opportunity is giving them the time to practice and indulge more in self-study. It is one of the best ways to engage students more towards learning and educating. Learning oneself will teach them the importance and power of being independent in life.

What does self-study mean?

Self-study is a learning process in which a student learns and gives attention to learning without being in a classroom or around a teacher. This is the study that one does individually without the support and involvement of the teacher.

“Self-study, self-exploration, self-empowerment – these are the virtues of a great education.” – Shimon Schocken.

This means that self-study is a great tool to achieve great success in the field of education. It is a very valuable and beneficial way for efficient learning. Students supervise and control their studies on their own. This helps them to learn and grow at a comfortable pace with better understanding and confidence in life.


  • More effective learning

After receiving knowledge from the teachers, learning and revising oneself strengthen your education. This also promotes effective learning among the students. This helps the students to have better engagement with learning. Solving the problems and questions alone makes them mentally strong. Their thinking ability also improves a lot. Self-studying develops a better connection with studies and therefore they remember it for a longer period.

  • Better class performances

Developing better connections and links with education improves our performance and participation in the classes. With the involvement of innovative activities in online classes, students are more engaged with their studies. This makes sure that students are learning on their own even when the class gets over. They involve more in learning while devoting self-time to their studies. This way a student participates more interacts more, and scores quite well in the subjects. Also, this makes sure that students are making the best of their time. It prevents wastage of time and teaches us to utilize and make most of the available time.

  • Boosts self-confidence

When the learners do self-study, they become confident learners. Efficient learning boosts their self-esteem and confidence. It motivates them to study harder and score well in their subjects. It also deepens their learning and knowledge. When they do self-study, they search and read more information about interesting topics, more than what is taught by the teachers in the classrooms. Teachers when teaching online or in traditional classrooms should motivate students to practice self-learning. Doing this makes students see themselves as independent learners who are carrying their education effectively without taking help from others.

  • Studying at their own pace.

The habit of self-study helps students to complete the syllabus and subject at their own pace. There is no competition involved in this process. You can learn whichever way you prefer. In classes, sometimes students cannot manage to understand the complete topic. The self-study will help them to give more time to such topics and improve their existing knowledge. This way, they face less stress, anxiety, and study pressure. Learning happens smoothly and comfortably as per students’ pace.

Make your students practice self-learning.

Teachers and parents can encourage children to practice self-studies. Guiding students to become independent and efficient in learning is very important. Below mentioned are some tips which you can use to indulge the habit of self-study in your learners.

1. Talking about learning is very important. For students pursuing higher education, self-study is more important because the subjects are complex to understand. Today many higher education students are learning online. They have shifted from the traditional learning classrooms. Online teachers also have to promote this. To teach online properly and promote students to do self-study, teachers should ask what they are learning at home. They should discuss the topics which students are finding interesting.

Conversations between teachers and students about learning are very healthy and promote students to do self-learning.

2. Try to provide the necessary tools and materials to the students so that they don’t have to face any difficulties while doing self-studies. Ensure that your ward has all the study tools such as proper learning material, a good space, etc.

3. Motivate your child to become a self-studier. Tell them the importance and advantages of performing this method of learning. Communicate with them on this topic often.

The final word.

Today several tools and resources are available for the students to learn and complete their desired course. But we should always remember that being self-independent is the key to success. Utilizing the available resources for doing self-study will help you to learn and grow effectively. Self-learning helps students to go beyond their textbooks and study material. It helps you to reach and explore more subjects you find interesting and enjoyable. This way you will become more responsible for the education you are receiving. Students should surely practice this for better learning and understanding.

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