How Warehouse Technology Helps Businesses Adapt To The Rise Of E-Commerce

Nowadays, keeping up with the trend is one of the most important keys to a successful marketing plan in Business. But, while technology continues to prosper and innovate, businesses too need to cope up.

And it is not easy to maintain that facility to run towards the market objectives while observing what people are favoring. Thus, here are five (5) Innovative Warehouse Technologies listed by JD Edwards Managed Services to help businesses keep up with online sales.

1. Handheld Devices

For many organizations and businesses, handheld devices have become a vital part of workdays; it is the small and light gadgets you can carry anywhere.

Handheld devices such as cellphones, iPads, and computers are low-key very essential to keep up with online sales. Here’s why.

Conducting Business – in doing Business, handheld devices contribute significantly to running the system. It offers every worker great flexibility, enriched workflows, boosted transmissions, and helps to make users more efficient and productive.

Handheld devices make it feasible for us to work wherever, whenever, while still having the same access to corporate resources.

Remote Work – handheld devices made it possible to connect someone to anyone. Meaning, one can work remotely from miles away, enabling and benefitting your Business to keep up with sales. As of now, many people from other nations are hiring people from all over the world to work.

2. Robot technology

JDE Orchestrator is just one part of the vital technologies have been assisting us through the years in Business; they supersede human effort with their engineering complex discipline designs, structures, and systems that are very useful to hold out on sales.

Robots are programmable machines that physically interact with the world around them. Not just that, they are also eligible to accomplish complex series of actions – autonomously or non autonomously. Here is how robot technology is helping us in Business.

Reduced Operating Cost – robots are quicker, proficient, and not emotional when it comes to Work, so countries have been using them to take advantage of their Business sales.

For example, in Japan, you can find robots in restaurants and convenience stores that are robot operated. They reduce operating expenses in a way that they reduce the effort in doing complicated tasks. Thus, helping online sales in Business.

3. Wearable technologies

For JD Edwards Managed Services, these are technologies that we wear every day, such as voice-controlled ear pods, smartwatches, smart glasses, and the likes.

Voice Controlled Ear Pods – the convenience for a businessman that these devices offer is outstanding. These are devices that help them discuss privately, communicate completely while being far away from each other.

Voice-controlled ear pods are useful and fundamental. These are used in warehouses, and they are correlated to ERP software to provide online inventory updates.

Smart Watches – these devices are impressive in tracing employee’s efficiency by automatically counting the tasks they make. With smartwatches, people in Business are able to track the online stock just by clicking and swiping.

Smart Glasses – Smart glasses are not just for looking presence. They are beneficial in businesses as well. They allow the operator to work hands-free anytime and anywhere. Smart glasses guarantee shorter work because it does not need any hand gesture to operate.

4. Cameras and Drones

Cameras never go out of style when it comes to visual and reliable information. Aside from listing updates for the Business, it is used for security, confirmation, marketing, and sales. For example, video surveillance helps avoid shoplifting, cheating and safeguards workers.

However, now that it is online, cameras and drones are used for business marketing, advertisements, commercials, and reviews. This way, you can promote your business to have more online sales.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, similar to robot technology, is a tremendous help in keeping up with online sales since it reduces operational cost, accumulates revenues, and enhances customer experience.

AI technology impacts the business by saving time and money, automating and optimizing routine procedures and tasks, and mining vast quantities of data to produce quality in your online Business.

They are great assistants for analyzing, examining, and gathering pieces of information that are flowing in your online Business.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence can work more effectively with humans, so it is user-friendly. Depending on the usage, AI may or may not be helpful in Business, so it is crucial to look at it.

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