How to write relevant articles to drive website traffic

Sometimes it is difficult to find ways to write relevant articles to make sure you are capturing the audience and increasing your sales conversation rate of the services and products you offer. Here’s how you can drive traffic to your website by following easy steps!

Step 1:  search relevant keywords

The first step you should always look on to is to search for relevant keywords for your article which relate to your topic and niche. You do it by targeting the keywords and relating them to the content you are writing which makes your article’s content optimized and targeted. In this way, you highlight your product or service offerings by your website so that the audience purchases your products.

Step2: Search for LSI words

The latent semantic index is a Google algorithm that makes Google find the relevant term on your website for the keywords and determines the theme of your website. What you can do is place your desired keywords on google with a tilde before typing the keyword to make sure that Google gives you the LSI terms of your keyword.

Suppose that your article is about shopping, now enter the word ‘Shopping’ on Google and it will provide you a list of LSI terms in bold. Now you can incorporate these terms into your article and easily use them for website targeting.

Step3: Ensure the keywords are targeted

The most significant thing you need to keep in your mind is to ensure that your keywords and LSI terms are targeted to the theme of your website. Whenever you publish any articles, emails, or pages, you need to make sure that your publishings are focused on your themes if you are planning to get a high conversion rate for your website.

Step 4: Write your article in steps

The easiest way to catch the attention of your audience is to plan out and write an article step by step. It makes you solve the problems of your website visitors. To write engaging content, you can use an online writing tool that helps to paraphrase your writing free of cost, visit website. In this way, you can have high-quality content which boosts your sales.

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