How to Recover Old Photos Deleted Years Ago

If you have lost precious photos from years gone by, worry not – this post reveals how to retrieve them. Discover the power of Stellar Photo Recovery and see your old memories come back to life! With its high recovery rate across a range of drives including HDD, SSD, SD cards etc., it’s never been easier.

Preserving memories of your loved ones and life events is no easy task, especially with thousands of digital photos to manage. Even the slightest mistake can mean losing them forever from camera memory cards, computers, pen drives or other storage devices due to accidental deletion or corruption.

Indeed, the answer is affirmative. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible to recover photos that may have been deleted long ago from PCs or Macs as well as other removable storage drives with specialized recovery software and reliable backup solutions.

Recover old deleted pictures with photo recovery software

Long-lost photos may be surprisingly difficult to recover, but Stellar Photo Recovery is the software for you! With its deep scanning capabilities and compatibility with multiple memory cards, this advanced tool can help you retrieve hundreds of photographs deleted many years ago. Don’t let your photo memories slip away — try Stellar Photo Recovery today!

Some of the key benefits of using a recovery software to get back old deleted photos:

Explore the past with clarity: Rediscover old photographs without compromising their original quality. Reveal previously unknown details such as date and timestamp, all while securely scanning from formatted or corrupted hard drives, solid state drives, SD cards, Android devices and cameras alike! We are equipped to salvage any image file type – whether it be JPEGs up to RAW formats of Canon Olympus Nikon Sony Samsung Apple models and more.

How to recover old deleted photos from years ago with software:

Ready to reconnect with memories from the distant past? Take these steps towards recovering old deleted photos. Firstly, connect your HDD, SSD or SD card containing them to a PC or Mac. Secondly, use Stellar Photo Recovery for Windows machines and its macOS version if you’re on Apple hardware – it won’t let you down!

Recover deleted old photos from File History on PC

Ensuring your files are securely backed up is a simple process for Windows PC users: simply connect the external storage drive of choice, and then open Control Panel to access File History. Discover the perfect backup from which to restore cherished memories. After selecting your beloved photograph(s) of times gone past, hit that green ‘Restore’ button and transport them back into their original dwelling on your computer.

Recover old photos using Windows Backup and Restore Utility

With ‘Backup and Restore’ feature available on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or earlier versions of the OS, recovering old photos is made simple! Here’s how you can go about restoring them from your computer backups:

To recover your precious image files, connect the storage media drive to your computer then open Control Panel. Within Backup and Restore Windows 10, you have two options – choose “Restore my files” for retrieving pictures of yourself or select “Restore all users’ files” if someone else’s photos need recovering.

To view your old photos stored in the backup, you can select either ‘Browse for files’ or ‘Browse to folders’. However, if you prefer viewing specific images then it is suggested that you pick ‘Browse for files’ as individual items won’t be visible when browsing through a folder. Should you want to search with greater precision, taps into our powerful Search tool – add an extra layer of accuracy by typing part names or extensions such as *.jpg and *.cr2 – before selecting from the generated results and clicking Next.

How to recover old photos from backup created on another computer?

Are you struggling to find treasured pictures from a past Windows computer? Through Windows Backup and Restore, these mementos can be retrieved. During the restoration process, any recovered files are assigned an appropriate folder name matching that of their original user – for example ‘Jim’ on an old PC created in his honor. Reclaim your memories with ease!

Use Google Drive Backup to recover old deleted photos

With Google Drive, the power of data is put into your hands. Keep important memories stored safely in the cloud that you can access anywhere and on any device – even if they have been deleted! Don’t forget to search for those old photos as Google Drive could be holding them just waiting to be discovered.

Professional Data Recovery Services to Recover Old Deleted Photos

Reclaim your treasured memories with a reliable in-lab photo recovery service. Securely retrieve old photos that have been deleted for more than two years, even if the storage drive has failed or become physically damaged. Our ISO certified Class 100 Clean Room lab provides contamination free safety and peace of mind as our seasoned data recovery experts work hard to recover pictures from broken or water damaged drives, cameras cards, flash sticks etc.,

Wrapping up

If you’ve accidentally deleted cherished memories from years ago, fear not! A quick and easy way to recover your photos is by searching through Google Drive, iCloud or other backup drives. If no backups are available however, Stellar Photo Recovery can help – it’s capable of recovering old deleted photos from a variety computer or SSDs as well as SD cards. In the event that any storage drive is inaccessible due to physical damage; skilled professionals at in-lab services will be able to assist with restoring those precious moments back into our lives again!

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