How to quickly promote a TikTok account: basic rules

Tik Tok is an application that has captured a huge audience very quickly. At first, the so-called buzzers drew attention to him, but soon serious bloggers and corporations also realized that a gold mine was hidden there. The service audience is growing very quickly. Promotion on TikTok is in great demand today. Many have noticed that the time that users spend on this social network is longer than on all others. For comparison, it is twice as large as on Instagram: and yet it was not long ago believed that it was there that the “hottest” audience was located, which cannot imagine life without its favorite application. The average user sits in tiktok for about 47 minutes a day, while teenagers spend 2 hours or more there. Many have realized that advancing on TikTok is about gaining popularity among a growing generation that is just shaping their tastes. Therefore, winding up TikTok is really important strategically.

The key to TikTok’s huge success lies in the unique format it offers. Short dynamic videos, the popularity of which can go off scale if you have chosen an interesting topic and got into the recommendations. TikTok’s algorithms prioritize content above followers. This means that any content can go viral and reach millions of people. Therefore, now TikTok is a popular platform for increasing brand awareness without spending too much on advertising in the early stages. It is absolutely natural to boost your views on TikTok instantly – read more here.

How to promote an account in tik tok

Before moving on to cheating, you need to figure out how the account looks like, whether there is something interesting in it. All promotional measures work very well if there is something to promote. For empty, poorly designed or boring accounts, you can also wind up a tick current, but it will be very expensive, energy-consuming, and there will be little effect. Cheating works perfectly as a complementary method for good content. Then she helps to reach the top in views, gain subscribers.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to take care of the following:

choose a beautiful and memorable login;

choose a sonorous profile name;

enter a catchy description;

add links to other social networks (as well as add links to tiktok in them);

put your account in pro-mode.

Pro mode is important, because without it you won’t be able to view statistics. You can also select a profile category in it, which is also useful for promotion.

When changing the username, description and profile name, remember that these settings cannot be changed every day. Therefore, you first need to think about them, and then change them. You can edit them no more than once every 30 days.

How to raise the activity of your account:

Like other accounts by hashtags.

Comment on popular accounts.

Subscribe to interesting users.


Mass following.

Unlike instagram, massliking and massfollowing in tiktok are not prohibited. But they also give less exhaust: this social network has a slightly different specificity.

Further, in all your accounts on other social networks, tell us that you have started tik tok, and your friends can follow. This will help you gain a small (depending on the popularity of your other social networks), but loyal audience.

Promotion methods

Before you wind up Tik Tok, it doesn’t hurt to use what the social network itself offers. Try collaborations. This is a classic idea for tiktok, and it consists in the fact that one blogger shoots a video, and the other shoots something, as if he is part of the first frame. You can watch how successful duets of other users were filmed in order to understand the specifics of this approach.

Usually duets make accounts with approximately the same promotion. It turns out that this is beneficial to both of them: the audience flows from both to each other. But it gets popularity and the format of the duet for money.

You can participate in a duet without the consent of another user. This is called a reaction. To do this, they take a video of a popular blogger that has received many views and record a duet on his video. Sometimes such collaborations are fired, and popular accounts react to such duets, if the idea of  the video is really interesting.

Hashtags are the classic way to promote an account. To increase the popularity of your account in this way, research popular hashtags in your topic, then select a few popular, but preferably not the most hammered and competitive ones, and then put a few of them on your video. It is not recommended to take the top hashtags if you are a beginner blogger – you will not be able to advance on them. But if you add hashtags with an average reach, then you can go to the top in them.

An important part of how you can wind up Tik Tok in a natural way is to follow music trends. The social network has a music library, from which you can take any track. If the compositions move forward, then you can successfully select them and go to the top for them. Some people manage to get into the trend so successfully that the account becomes popular after a couple of videos.

Another way to follow trends is by accepting challenges. If someone launches this, then feel free to participate. Sometimes they shoot videos on a certain plot, sometimes it’s dance or music. Visit the website and boost your account with fans & views and become TikTok celebrities!


Like most social media platforms, TikTok maintains frequent user interactions. Comments are a great way to accomplish this. Ideally, you will establish communication with your potential clients.

TikTok ranks comments based on the number of likes they receive, so make sure you think through your comments to make them meaningful. Avoid simple “beautiful video” comments.

Also, put likes, subscribe to interesting users, they will follow you in response.

To Sum Up

Even if you think that you already have a sufficient number of accounts on other social networks, then you should understand very well that the online environment is so dynamic that you cannot afford to lose sight of new opportunities. And TikTok, with its hundreds of millions of young users, smells like opportunities. Download and upgrade your TikTok!

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