How to Promote your Catering Business in 4 Easy Steps 

With the worst of Covid behind us, things are returning to a more social normal, and you know what that means: catering! Whether it’s all the pending engagement parties and weddings, work events, or birthdays, catering plays a huge part in taking an event from meh to wow! 

And if your catering company has been feeling the hit of slower business, then this is the perfect time to get out there and serve more clients than ever. Of course, this requires having stellar food and a menu that would excite people in the first place – as well as an execution to match – but somehow, that alone won’t get you through. 

It’s the fast-paced business world now, and to really make your catering company stand out, you’re going to have to employ solid marketing strategies that turn your ideas into reality. And don’t worry since with the right advice, even a beginner will soon start to see results! 

Here’s how to market your catering company offline and towards success:

  • Get a Business Card

First things first, you’re a professional now, and it’s important to act like it – and nothing screams professionalism like an elegant business card! Not only will your business card represent your catering company’s image with its design, but it’ll also be a concise piece that holds all the relevant information, making it easier for potential customers to contact you. 

And if you’re worried about nailing the design, then here’s a secret tool that the most successful businesses have been using for years to design business cards: PosterMyWall! Hiring a professional graphic designer is not everyone’s cup of tea, and PosterMyWall and its hundreds of business card templates take away the stress of dealing with one. Free, easy to customize, and fully editable and downloadable, designing business cards with PosterMyWall is like a walk in the park – at least that’s how it’s been for tons! So, get distributing!

  • Everyone Loves a Free Sample!

And while we’re on the subject of distributing, there’s no better marketing strategy for a catering company than the food itself. People love a free sample, and if they like the bite-sized food, they’re sure to come back for more! 

Set up stalls in supermarkets, community centers, and at conferences where you give out free samples of your food to visitors. Make sure to keep your best items and also have a stock of your business cards and any other promotional material that potential clients can keep with them. Remember, if the food is good, you’ve just made some customers! 

  • Capture Clients with Flyer Marketing!

There’s nothing that quite beats a good old flyer! Easy to distribute and keep, able to hold all the right information without being overwhelming, and visuals that stay with a potential client long after they’ve seen it – a good flyer can take your catering business places! 

Of course, before you can put your flyer in the right places, you’ve got to nail the design. Luckily, there are now design tools available that can handle all of your flyer needs for you! Top on the list is PosterMyWall and their food flyer templates collection. Not only does the platform hold dozens of designs that are updated regularly, but the designing aspect is also so easy – really, you won’t even think of turning to a professional. So, you better get ready to distribute some stunning flyers all across town!

  • Join in on the Fun at Food Festivals!

No matter who’s arranging the event, it’s usually the certified foodie of the group that’s given responsibility to handle the catering. And where can you find all the foodies in one place? Food festivals, of course, which is why it’s a great idea for your catering company to set up a stall at any local food or restaurant events that are happening.

Make sure to keep a cost-friendly budget and prioritize serving your best food, as well as keeping promotional material on hand. And of course, engage with the customers, tell them about your catering services, and make clients in the process that will surely help grow your business. And don’t forget to have some fun!

So, if you’re looking to grow your catering company then these marketing strategies are your lifeboat as you navigate the jam-packed food and restaurant industry! Just be sure to deliver awesome taste and you’ll soon rise to the top.

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