How to Pick the Best Perfume for Men

It would be smell if we had to name one sense that surpassed all or took the lead in the race. It’s that one thing that is enough to make heads turn from before you can even see anything. From the smell that distinguishes your loved ones from the others to your favourite dish’s aroma, some fragrances are hard to forget. It has power enough even to bring back memories of a person or occasion. That was smartly tapped on by humans, giving birth to Perfumes.

Initially, a product or part of organic chemistry evolved into a mixture of chemicals to stimulate our olfactory receptors. With a wide range in formula, ingredients, scents etc., it can get intimidating to pick a perfume for your liking, especially for a man. Women’s and men’s fragrances are different basis the strength of the smell or type of incense. However, this does not make it any hard and fast rule to stick to a category. We’re here to help you pick the right perfume for your personality, taste and occasion.

Types of Perfume

There are mainly five types of perfumes. They are distinguished based on oil concentration in the base. A base of perfume varies from water, oil or alcohol. There are different concentrations of oils in each, but only natural fragrances can guarantee oils from natural extracts. However, many mainstream perfumes use synthetic oil extracts. So make a note to look out for that. 

Parfums: Priced on the higher end due to their maximum concentration of oils, these are the most coveted ones. It lasts as long as 24 hours and is ideal for sensitive skin types due to its lack of alcohol mixture.

Eau de Parfum: These too have a very high concentration of oils but are priced lower than parfums. They have a higher mixture of alcohol and water in them but stay for 6-8 hours.

Eau de toilette: The concentration of essential oil or perfume extracts is lower than parfums at about 5-15%. They are usually popularly bought by individuals, mistaking it for Eau de parfums. Due to its high concentration of alcohol and light formula, it stays for 2-4 hours. They’re more affordable.

Eau de Cologne: These have the lightest concentration of oils and therefore stay up to 2 hours. Coming in large bottles, one can reapply every few hours to avoid dissipation. They are inexpensive too.

Eau Fraiche: These have the lowest concentration of oils and are mainly water-based. They are usually used to freshen up.

With this, you should pick and use a perfume type that suits the occasion or purpose. You can choose from a great variety of fragrances. However, it may seem unusual to read about scents that you can only tell by actually smelling them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have all the knowledge before going into a cosmetic shop near me.

Types of Fragrances

Picking a particular fragrance could be confusing, especially when bombarded with the variety available. After sorting out your price range and its concentration, it’s time to pick the right scent. Men’s fragrances are very personalized, so it’s crucial that you like the aroma of the perfume and that it suits your personality.

Vintage Fragrances

These fragrances have dominant sweet or spicy scents with a dash of alcohol. Perfect for wooing those ladies with chivalrous moves. It can be dubbed as a gentleman’s perfume and has a variety of deep smells. These scents contain lingering fragrances and are kind of like that of an old forgotten era. If you do not mind paying the price, go for these, as they are a mix of class and sophistication. 

Leather-scented Fragrances

Leather fragrances are all about confidence and determination. Its “animal” characteristics are subtle and toned down with a mix of different oils and mixtures. That makes it a sensory delight and oozes masculinity. It defines ambition and willingness to go after anything, be it professional or personal. There can be various leather fragrances to choose from. Some have floral hints in them, while some have a smoky effect. It contains musk, ambergris or civet.

Oriental Fragrances

Oriental fragrances mainly consist of warm scents. Their base is usually amber, but the addition and mixture of various musk, spices, and woody scents make it distinctive. Vanilla often is also mixed, which the resulting smell is usually fruity-floral. It evokes the picture of bright, evolved, contemporary men who like to go with the flow. They are ready for anything, and this makes it extremely attractive.

Woody Fragrances

These are the most popular and sought after fragrances for men. Women find the scent of woods and outdoors especially attractive too. These fragrances use woody scents such as sandalwood and cider. They often also come in rosewood or oakmoss scents. They don’t originate from woods but parts of them that resemble wood and wilderness. Many popular men’s fragrances have a woody smell as it denotes masculinity and hints at adventure, outdoor and sensuality.

Fresh Fragrances

These remind you of the ocean breezes. They are contemporary, edgy, modern and clean. It is similar to that of a pine needle when compared to any woody element. It exudes an air of cleanliness and is much understated. It is light and gives an air of freshness to anyone who gets a whiff of it. You can distinguish this group of fragrances easily from deep vintage, leather or woody scents.

Perfumes are a very personal choice. There are no right and wrong. Then, of course, there is perfume etiquette. For a sombre occasion, you cannot wear a powerful and sensual fragrance. But one can stick to a family of fragrances with varying notes to suit the demands of different occasions. 

Some men go about their entire lifetimes, never changing their fragrances. It becomes a part of their identities. However, before you settle down to the perfume of your choice, explore. Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Davidoff, Dunhill, Skinn, Ajmal form our list of best perfumes for men. Like we said, your scent will find you when you are open to settling down with your match. 

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