How to identify and buy pure Organza Sarees

Organza has different types of uses – you can easily find this in everything, including both casual wear and also bridal dresses. It is very lightweight and gives a shiny look. It is much easier to carry than other fabrics and looks really gorgeous.

Thus organza sarees are becoming more and more common on various occasions. It is very easy to get as you can also buy organza saree online. So, today we will discuss some important features through which you can easily find a pure organza saree and buy it.

Origin of organza saree

Similar to the other silk fabrics, the actual origin of organza fabric is China. From China, the traders traded these fabrics through the Silk route to Europe and the English colonies. Though China is the largest producer of these fabrics, a firmer kind of organza fabric is also manufactured in Bangalore, India.

The features to identify pure organza saree

Organza has many qualities through which you can easily identify it. This fabric is a translucent material, meaning one can look through it partially. This is because the special weave of this fabric makes several microscopic holes.

It is also very flimsy, as the yarn is being weaved very tightly to make the fabric really translucent. Here are some points through which you can identify and buy organza saree.

1. Try the bounce test

A bounce test is a very reliable way to clearly identify the pure organza sarees. When organza is mixed with some other types of materials to make a saree, it becomes very bouncy. Contrary to this, real organza actually stays at its own position and does not actually bounce.

So, a very reliable way to identify a real organza saree is to fold it properly and throw it on a surface that is hard and is located at a specific distance. The real one will not bounce back. However, if it’s a fake one, then it will bounce and remain elastic.

2. Touch and feel the fabric

Different from the silk sarees, the organza fabrics are not very soft, smooth, and shiny. They are actually slightly rough and much coarser than the silk fabric. Also, the organza sarees that are pure have a more translucent look than those fake ones.

You can easily see your fingers under a layer of the organza saree if it’s pure. However, if the saree is a fake or imitation, you will not see your fingers by doing the same thing.

3. Try the matchstick test

As it is one kind of silk, the pure organza sarees will give off a smell that is like burnt hair. So, if you get a smell that is similar while doing a matchstick test, then it’s an authentic organza saree.

4. Has a crisp sound

As the organza saree is hard, stiff, and slightly coarse, there is a crisp sound it makes while draped or handled. That’s another type of test that can determine the pure organza sarees.

Take a minimum of two layers of the organza saree in your hand and then rub them near your ears. If the fabric cannot make any crisp sound while rubbing, then it’s a fake one. This will help you in your effort to buy organza saree online.

As organza fabric is becoming more and more popular and has become a must-have item for many people. Such popularity has offered opportunities to increase the number of fake items. So, through these steps, you can easily identify the pure organza fabric and successfully buy the organza saree online.

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