How to choose the perfect wedding photographer?

These 10 keys, you will be right for sure (professional word!)

The images of the big day will be one of the best memories that you will have of your time at the altar, so it is worthwhile that the photographer who immortalizes them is an image professional. Do you want to know how to make the right choice?

Like the wedding dress, his suit, or all those romantic wedding songs that will sound in your “yes, I do”, the photographs of the big day will become one of the best material memories of your magical union. Thus, the different captures will tell a beautiful story forever: one of the happiest days of your life. Therefore, choosing the wedding photographer has become one of the most important decisions you will have to make during the organization of the link. So not only can you not take his choice lightly, but you must make sure that he is a professional. How to hit? We give you the keys in collaboration with the AFBE (Association of Wedding Photographers and Videographers of Sikh Photographer UK). Take good notes!

  1. Qualified professionals

The first thing you should be clear about is the importance of choosing a good professional (something just as important in the case of the videographer). In other words, someone who, in addition to having the corresponding insurance – such as Civil Liability Insurance, which will always give you extra peace of mind – guarantees their services, which will allow you to enjoy their work with full guarantees of quality and seriousness. The Sikh wedding photography is also the example of perfect wedding photography. If you want to go a little further, you can always ask him to show you his papers.

In fact, hiring a professional photographer is an option that, according to the Essential Book of Weddings –published by in collaboration with Google and ESADE–, 89% of current couples opt for.

  1. The style of the photographs

Are you looking for a traditional approach with the usual posed-type photos? Or do you prefer more natural and spontaneous images that tell how your story was throughout the big day? The first thing you should be clear about is what style of photography you want because that premise will allow you to opt for one wedding photographer or another. Every professional has their own style and, at present, you can find endless professionals with wonderful and different jobs. This means that you will have many options to choose from.

In order to draw up a list of candidates, visit their shop windows on our portal – which will allow you to get to know their style and discover the quality of their work – and pay special attention to the opinions of other couples who have contracted their services. It will be a great guide to find the best Sikh wedding photographer in your case.

  1. Type of service

The usual thing will be for the photographer to cover the entire day of the link: from the preparations to the party. Also, make sure that there are no economic extras after a certain time in case the wedding is extended. And check if their services offer pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions. It is always advisable to do the first one because it facilitates the photos and the posing on the day of “I do”, once the nerves, fears, and insecurities in front of the camera have been overcome. And the second, because it allows you to show off your incredible bridal outfits again and capture fun images without fear of getting dirty. Do not hesitate!

  1. Treatment of photographs

In general, any professional in the sector will process and retouch the images. The ideal is to start with a photo in RAW format –digital negative–, which always has more quality and flexibility in processing than a JPG photo.

  1. How do you want the photos?

On DVD, CD, flash drive, or printed in an album? And what kind of album: traditional or digital? In the traditional album, the photos are developed on chemical paper, usually in a size of 30 x 20 cm, while in the digital one, the photos are printed directly on the pages, remaining like a book and offering greater flexibility and creativity in the assembly. without sacrificing quality. 

  1. Number of images

Some photographers can give less than 300 images of your dream wedding date. However, any high-end photographer should exceed the final 500 photos by covering the standard: from the couple’s preparations to the most ephemeral corner of the decoration, passing through the ceremony, the bridal session, the banquet, the dance, and all those ideas for wedding details. It is also important that you find out how long it will take for the professional to give them to you, although this is usually a month.

  1. What is your budget for this link item?

Price is usually another deciding factor. Keep in mind that an image professional, whether a photographer or videographer, costs more than one who is not, since his work and final result really make a difference. Also, the fact of being within the legality means more expenses for the professional (taxes, insurance, etc.), so be wary of cheaper prices. Define what you want to obtain and estimate the maximum you will spend on the photographs since, apart from a CD or flash drive with the images, you can also opt for a wedding album for you, for your parents, printed copies to give to the guests who played a prominent role in the link… Everything will depend on the budget you have, although as a clue you should know that the usual price of hiring a professional photographer is 1,500 euros in Spanish territory, according to the Essential Book of Weddings.

  1. Contact photographers

Once several candidates have been selected – ideally 2 or 3 at most – interview them. Make sure to ask basic questions such as, for example, if they are available on the chosen date and the price of their services –including extras–. At this point, it is important to highlight the importance that, when comparing budgets, you do it for exactly the same services, which will allow you to better compare the final price.

  1. Get to know the photographers better

When you personally interview the finalists, ask them for samples of their photographs or complete weddings –from start to finish–, as it is the only way you have to see the style and quality of their work. Check the albums to see if the style matches what you expect. And then ask yourselves: is this someone I want to have working nearby on my wedding day? Is this the professional who will photograph the essence, the magic, and the infinite joy of the big day? And very important: make sure that he treats you pleasantly and that you feel comfortable in his presence. The feeling is also basic when it comes to getting the images of your passage through the altar to be as you expect.

  1. Ultimate Choice

Contact the chosen photographer and sign a contract detailing both the date of the link as well as all the services he will provide you and the final amount. You will surely get some beautiful photos of your “yes, I do”!

And now that you know how to find the perfect wedding photographer with the help of these 10 keys, remember to enjoy the wedding to the fullest and experience it as a magical, special and personalized day. Everything will be captured by the objective of your photographer: the exchange of wedding rings, the first kiss of married couples, the endless joy, the delivery of the bridal bouquet, the different corners of the celebration space, the cutting of the wedding cake… Trust him fully!

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