How to benefit from Saber electronic platform services? 

Saber is an electronic platform developed by the Saudi Standards Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) to be the new system for registering products and certification in Saudi Arabia. Saber was first launched on Jan 1, 2019, and gradually implemented on the different products intended for sale in the kingdom markets 

Saber is a means to ensure the conformity of the product to the standards and technical regulations and controlling the harmful products.

Saber is operated under the supervision of SASO, and it represents the portal that connects the importers and manufacturers with the authorities and entities concerned with the conformity activities.

Saber electronic platform importance

Saber was the most important step to transfer the certificates issuance procedures from the traditional way to electronic processing to facilitate and link the conformity assessment activities in a unified platform.

It also helps the importers wishing to obtain the conformity certificates to find the conformity bodies approved by SASO to carry out the conformity assessment and issue the required certificates.

SASO provides a database that can be used for analysis purposes and developing the procedures and regulations.

registration on Saber electronic platform

Saber registration is one of the services exclusively provided by Saber in the kingdom for the majority of products, as all products both imported and locally manufactured must be registered on Saber, and this process can be operated by the importer or manufacturer after registering their facilities and creating accounts on Saber.

Defining HS Code and categorizing products via Saber

In order to register a product on Saber, it must be categorized to determine the regulatory requirements and conformity certificates to avoid any confusion or mistakes that might lead to issuing the correct certificates and getting products rejected from clearance at customs ports.

The product requirements can be determined via Saber through the product category or the HS Code then the product can be resisted and the conformity certificates can be applied for.

Issuing the conformity certificates via Saber

Both the Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) and the Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC) are issued via Saber electronic platform, the importer first applies for the Product Certificate of Conformity and select an approved certification body from the list provided by Saber, when it is issued the importer can apply for the Shipment Certificate of Conformity.

After issuing the PCoC and the SCoC the shipment is qualified to be cleared at customs ports with no delays or rejections.

Issuing the Self Declaration for non regulated products via Saber

There are two types of products classified according to subjection to technical regulations, while some products are covered by regulations, others are not and those are called non-regulated products.

The non-regulated products don’t require the Product Certificate of Conformity, but require the Self Declaration certificate either they are imported or locally manufactured to take responsibility for the product conformity.

The importers and local manufacturers must apply for the Self Declaration certificates on Saber electronic platform, when it is issued the product conformity to the Saudi standards is proven.

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