How NCERT Solutions for class 10 Maths can make you score maximum marks?

Class 10 is a stage where students have undisputed pressure as it is a crucial year of examination that tests the overall learning and development of a student. Students have huge pressure from family, school and on a personal level to prove their intelligence and their determination. The class 10 syllabus is exhausting, it is vast and students are expected to know all of it and give their best in the exams. For other subjects, students can manage with the help of their learning skills, memory power, but for Maths, it demands more than just memory and understanding. Students have to sharpen their reasoning, analytics, and problem-solving skills and have to be best at this to score incredibly on their boards. For most, Maths is a scary subject, while some are naturally good at it. But, preparing for boards is not at all easy, and students have to put in all their efforts regardless of their proficiency in the subject because class 10 is an important year. Thus, it is highly recommended that one refers to the NCERT textbooks to prepare for the class 10 boards.

NCERT solutions are students’ top preference for accessing study materials. Scoring good marks in Maths is an extreme task. The NCERT solutions are a promising resource to study the subject, as they provide easy interpretation of the problems and a good amount of solved examples for students to check out. The NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths are an effective way to learn and prepare for the subject to score outstandingly. Here are some other methods to score maximum marks in Maths and make your class 10 result presentable:

  • Practice sums daily

Maths is a subject that requires practice more than learning, the more you solve sums the easier it becomes. It enhances your comprehension of problems and solution-seeking abilities which is a key step in scoring good marks. Hence, you must include practising Maths daily in your study plan. Practice one exercise of each chapter daily so problem-solving becomes an easy-to-do task.

  • NCERT solutions make solving Maths easy

The NCERT solutions are the choice of many to score remarkably in all subjects. Students pick NCERT books, especially for Maths as they provide a variety of solved examples for every chapter which helps to better understand the steps and procedures to solve a particular sum. These examples help guide students to get the solutions right. Practising these solved examples is an effective way to get a grip on problem-solving as there are many tricky problems here that could probably be asked in the exams. These examples help tremendously in solving the exercises behind each chapter effortlessly. 

  • Solve chapter according to the weightage

Practice solving and give more preference to the chapters that carry more marks first in exams than others. Put more effort into these as more questions are likely to come from these. Check previous papers to know the paper pattern, and how many questions are likely to come from chapters with more weightage. This helps in learning about the areas that you might need to practice and pay more attention to.

  • Practice solving previous question papers

It has been noticed over the years that the board repeats previously asked problems in the upcoming exams. So students must always refer to the previous year question papers and solve them for practising. This is a very effective method of getting better at the subject and scoring well in the exams. With the previous year papers, students can also time themselves and get better at time management and learn about which areas they need more practice in.

  • Clear doubts regularly

Since Maths is tough for most students, it is better to keep asking and clearing doubts from guides and teachers, so that you do not get stuck or confused at one point and dread the entire subject. Solve exercises daily and note down your doubts separately and get them cleared from teachers regularly. 

  • Make separate notes for algebra and geometry formulae

The most important aspect of Maths is the formulae. Learning them and remembering which formula applies where is a task in itself and it just keeps getting confusing and complicated the more you try to remember. Hence, it is necessary to make separate notes for these formulae, so they come in handy during exam time, too. Revising the formulae becomes easy with the help of these notes. Theorems are another important thing that students must learn, hence one must create separate notes to revise them too.

  • Be patient

Maths requires time to learn and understand. Not getting the right solution and having to solve it over and over again is a common thing, even if one is good at the subject. It requires diligence, lots of practice and patience to learn to solve the problems. Sometimes, even if you apply the right formula, something might go wrong technically and you would end up getting the problem wrong, but you should be patient and also not exert yourself too much. Do not fuss, stress or get confused and leave it halfway. Check where you went wrong, find the correct solution and practice the sum a couple of times, to get it right.

Adhere to these suggestions with the right efforts and the result would be worth it. No matter how scary the subject may seem or you may hate it, but for your boards, you have to crack it, so that your overall result is unaffected. Maths is an important subject that is attributed to expertise, so one has to give their best and make sure that they do not mess up. However, just clearing the subject is not the task, getting the best scores is the main goal and immense practice with full determination and not giving up is the key to make your mark sheet look good. However, one must also look after their health and not over-stress themselves in the quest of attaining a good percentage. Just give it your best!

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