How a membership card can help you retain members

We live in a digital world. This is exciting, but the truth is that some things are rather processed in paper form than stored digitally. For example, if you own a salon company, some people might tell you that you don’t need to issue a membership card to visiting customers as long as you send them emails. But these emails can get clustered in the customer’s mailbox. Instead, by issuing a membership card, you give the customer a representation of your business brand. This is what establishes loyalty. So if you run a business and don’t give out membership cards, here are some reasons you should start.

#1 It creates a sense of value

When a customer comes to your shop for your service and then leaves with a membership card, not only will the card serve as an appreciation for the quality service rendered, but it will also serve as a reminder of your quality services. That is why your membership card should communicate the values of your business; that is, if you claim to provide quality service, then you should provide a quality membership card.

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#2 Form of identification

This is very important for big businesses that have many competitors. A membership card issued to your customers can serve as a means of identification. The card can be used to access the benefits that your company provides.

#3 Means of gathering data

You can also use a membership card to gather and collate data of your customers (both new and old). An excellent way to achieve this is to print a card that has a barcode or magstripe, whereby you can access some useful data (like name and location) anytime your customer uses it. With the data collected from this card, you can effectively plan how to market your message to interest your new target audience.

#4 For Advertising opportunities

Advertisement is one of the effective ways of not only retaining your customers but also growing your business. If you own a big company, this is one effective way of retaining your customers and growing your business. If you have a membership card welcome kit and mail it, you can easily publicise your business overview and benefits to the public. You can also use printed and insert pieces to increase the advertising space, thereby increasing the value of your membership welcome package.

#5 Show of Status

Some people always want to have a sense of belonging in a community (whether a business or an organisation). Issuing membership cards to these sets of people gives them a status symbol. They can say with pride that they are a part of your business.

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#6 Form of reminder

Membership cards serve as a physical reminder that they belong to your business or organisation. They carry a physical representation of your business wherever they go.

Building loyalty with your members!!!

It is important to build loyalty with your customers (whether new or old) as a business owner. A good-quality membership card can help build loyalty and retain your members.

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