Here’s how you can be a potential target for cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has been picking up heat recently and it’s all because of the excessive use of the internet in our lives. Almost every aspect of our lives is out on the internet for everyone to see. It’s often that we forget that there are malicious, dangerous people out there waiting to bully or blackmail us. there are many gangs known for their cyberbullying such as the العصابة المغربية.

We must always take care of what we post, and make sure that it is not personal. We must keep in mind that if this gets leaked, it shouldn’t be anything that could be problematic for us.

Why would bullies choose you?

There are a couple of factors that make you an easy target. Bullies often tend to go for people who seem emotionally weak and open. Many people face blackmail just because they might have a public account or an unprotected software. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Public accounts

Everything you post, the good, the bad and the embarrassing can be derived from your public account. From social media, it’s easier than ever to keep tabs on someone. If you have a public account, it’s an open invite for الابتزاز الإلكتروني. You must keep your account private if you want to avoid falling victim to internet harassment.

Private accounts are safer as only the people you allow to follow you can have access to your data and posts. It’s a well-protected environment for your internet surfing.

Thinking before you post

It’s important to think twice before you post something. One stupid post and you are getting humiliated in front of thousands of people online. You must take precautions not to post something too personal or embarrassing. These pictures can be saved and can resurface at the hands of your online bully.

Unprotected software

People often have unprotected software and can get hacked. Hackers can easily own all your data if you are using the internet on an unprotected device. You must take care of these small details so that your device doesn’t get tapped. There are a thousand private pictures and videos of using our phones that would cause us only trouble if they went public. It is important to secure your device before you scroll and use the internet on it. This will help you stay safe from intruders and online psychopaths.

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