Guideline on Writing a Perfect GRE Issue Essay

Some students believe that the GRE issue essay has nothing complex, and others can’t manage this task. That’s why learners need to buy college essay on any subject and look for reliable samples. This way, they can understand how to write this essay type and represent your viewpoint efficiently. In our guideline, you will learn how to create a GRE issue essay effortlessly. 

Step 1: Get acquainted with instructions.

Before you start writing your GRE issue essay, you need to read the tutor’s requirements carefully. Find out the core question and try to answer it shortly. It will help you to understand the topic and research solution easily. Also, try to focus on the prompt. Depending on the subject you study, it can vary. For example:

Prompt: Students should wear uniforms in high school not to show which social strata they relate to. 

Instructions: Share your viewpoint towards the prompt based on policies of the modern educational system. Support your opinion with real-life evidence and describe how developing situations may affect relations in class and the overall studying process. 

Remember, if something from the prompt and instructions is unclear for you, it is better to ask your teacher for an explanation. Don’t delay it for too long because students usually have 30 minutes to write their GRE issue essays. 

Step 2: Organize your response.

Spread information in three parts: introduction, body paragraph, and summary to build your essay logically. If you brainstorm and make key notes in your workbook or laptop, it is necessary to define where your thesis statement should be, what evidence you include to represent your viewpoint, and how you finalize your work. 

Remember, that thesis statement is the beginning of your essay. It reveals your relation towards the topic and lets the reader understand what opinion you stick to. The most important thing for you to write about is why you choose a specific side. Answer yourself the main reason and describe it in three key topic sentences. Authors usually include them in body paragraphs. 

Step 3: Focus on one thing.

In your GRE issue essay, you need to write about one viewpoint only. Don’t mix up your readers with several versions. Concentrate on how you will analyze the issue and represent the possible solution in the best way. Develop examples to sound convincing. If it is possible to do some research during the writing process in class, take advantage of this. 

As it was told earlier, your essay should be persuasive and goal-oriented. To reach the result, brainstorm for simple sentences, better style, and an understandable delivery to effectively explain your arguments to readers. Link each part of an essay with easy-to-get phrases and track brilliant text’s flow.

Step 4: Specify your hypothesis. 

Look at this example if you get hard through your GRE issue topic. When students write, “It is essential for people to go to bed early because it helps them stay healthy,” readers barely believe this saying. Try to add more specific information to your message and write instead, “The most active production of melanin occurs between 9 pm and 1 am. Therefore, it is essential to go to bed between these hours so the human’s body can continue this natural process.” 

It is not necessary to mention who exactly was the author of saying, but depicting your knowledge widely will help teachers understand whether students understand the topic and how deep they are in a particular subject. 

Step 5: Track places for correction.

It is a painful reality that there is always room for improvement. Read each sentence carefully to omit grammatical, punctuation, and spelling gaps. Editing your GRE issue essay, don’t forget about concise delivery. Try not to overwhelm your text with complex definitions and passages. Instead, work on the text’s simplicity staying as you are. Avoid copying other authors as well. It is essential to stay original and keep your essay free from borrowings. However, if you have something to cite, mention the author and publishing source. If you can use the internet during a writing session, find all necessary information about the writer online. 

Step 6: Stay open for discussion. 

GRE issue essay is a unique author’s viewpoint concerning a specific question. It is not necessarily to answer the question with a scholarly approach. Otherwise, keep your own position and explain your own understanding of the existing subject. 

There are many studying fields where students can show their knowledge. Also, it is essential to use this knowledge correctly. Add analysis and critical thinking to your project to make it more valuable. Don’t be afraid of someone’s opposite perspective. Moreover, you can mention why possible counterargument is weak. You don’t need to stand for another sight, still, you can use rebuttal in your text to show your solid convincing skills. 

You are one step away from a brilliant GRE issue essay! Take a chance and experiment with your academic writing freely!

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