Guide to the Best Beaches in Asia for Paddleboarding

Standup Paddleboarding or SUP is a relaxing activity that first hit the waves in Hawaii. It quickly grew a following and has spread all over the world. What makes this sport universally loved is how it works in almost any environment. From lakes to rivers to beaches. Things that are ubiquitous in Asia. In this article, we list down 9 amazing beaches in Asia to enjoy Standup Paddleboarding.

Kuta Beach, Bali

First up we have this world-famous tropical beach paradise in southwestern Bali. Kuta Beach’s 2.5 kilometer stretch of sandy shoreline is a hotspot for locals, tourists, and digital nomads alike. It is also a popular destination for water sporting enthusiasts, especially surfing. Standup paddleboarding also has a sizable community in the area especially paddle surfing enthusiasts.

If you enjoy sizable waves, the best time to visit is during the warmer months when the easterlies start blowing. For bigger waves, mid-year is the perfect time to go. Off-season, on the other hand, is the perfect time to visit if you like a bit of peace and quiet both in terms of the number of tourists present and the sea’s temperament.

Mukut Beach, Pulau Tioman

From the bustling tourist magnet, we head on over to the opposite end of the spectrum. Mukut Beach in Pulau Tioman, Malaysia is the perfect getaway if you want to experience tranquil peace away from the hustle of city life. This also makes it the best place to enjoy relaxing SUP sessions all day long on its cool crystalline waters.

Hiking and trekking are also great activities in the remote jungles of Pulau Tioman. The island’s remoteness has made it one of the best places to experience nature in its rawest untainted beauty. If you want something less extreme, try exploring the island’s many spots while out on a walk.

Marimegmeg Beach, Palawan

Next on the list is the quirkily named beach right in the heart of El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. Being one of the most accessible beaches in El Nido, it can get quite busy during peak season. But the spectacular view and immaculately clean waters more than make up for it. The calm seas also make it a wonderful SUP spot for enthusiasts of any skill level.

El Nido’s captivating sights aren’t just surface level. Its pristine waters also showcase breathtaking sights making it a popular scuba diving destination as well. Other aqua sports like swimming and freediving also draw in hundreds every year.

Hado Beach, Jeju Island

Heading up north to the subtropical climate of Jeju Island, South Korea, there is a little hidden gem named Hado Beach. This secluded beach sees fewer visitors than the other popular attractions of Jeju Island. This makes it a great place for a relaxing paddle on a calm afternoon. But because it is less popular, public amenities are practically nonexistent. It’s just you, your SUP and the beautiful seascape of Jeju-do.

You can set up camp here and spend the night after paddling all day long. Just keep in mind to bring all your essentials like access to facilities are limited. Take note: Hado Beach is one of the farthest of most of Jeju’s main attractions. Expect to take a long bus ride to the area.

Tudumari no Hama, Okinawa

Just 800 kilometers south of Jeju is another subtropical paradise just waiting to be explored. Tudumari no Hama, also known as Tsukigahama which means Moon Beach, is one of Iriomote Island’s most popular beaches. The long stretch of the crescent-shaped beach, hence the name, is a sunset-watching spot for tourists both domestic and foreign. The waters around the beach are mostly sandy without any coral reefs. While it does little for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts, this makes it a perfect place for a smooth SUP ride without fear of damaging your board. Swimming is also a popular activity since the calm waters make it particularly enjoyable.

Bora Bora Beach, Sea of Galilee

From idyllic tropical beaches, we head on over to one of the world’s most historically significant sites: The Sea of Galilee in Israel. While technically a lake, The Sea of Galilee⁠—also known by other names like Lake Tiberias and Kinnereth⁠—is one of the world’s most historically significant bodies of water. Since biblical times, the lake has served as a major center for fishing and commerce in the region.

Today, the many beaches surrounding the lake has been drawing visitors from all over since it opened its doors to tourism. Bora Bora Beach is one of these places that offer visitors to experience the beauty of the lake’s tranquil waters. Kayaking and SUPing are popular activities in the area.

Marina Beach, Chennai

Heading on over to the Indian Subcontinent is yet another must-visit beach. Named the world’s second-longest and India’s longest stretch of sandy beach, Marina Beach in Chennai is one of the country’s top recreational destinations. Visitors both local and foreign flock to this local favorite to spend the day relaxing. Its wide expansive beach means crowding is less of an issue as there are lots of space to choose from.

Activities range from the usual swimming, strolling, sunbathing under the Indian sun, to the more exciting like playing beach volleyball, kite flying, and the occasional Standup paddleboarding. The beach is easily accessible from Chennai Airport via major public transportations like busses and taxicabs.

Bai Sao Beach, Phú Quoc Island

Bai Sao Beach is one of Vietnam’s stunning beaches famous for its white powdery sand and the laid back tropical island vibes. Getting here is easy too. Phú Quoc island is easily accessible by ferry from the mainland. Once there, you can then go by car or motorcycle to Bai Sao Beach.

Sit and relax under the coconut trees while sipping a refreshing drink. Tourists also enjoy a myriad of fun activities like swimming, snorkelling or just having a leisurely walk on the beach. Watersports like kayaking, kitesurfing, and paddleboarding also draw in enthusiasts from all over the world.

White Beach, Boracay Island

Finally, we have yet another Southeast Asian treasure: White Beach of Boracay Island, Philippines. Boracay is a household name around the world as being one of the best tropical vacation destinations. White Beach’s azure blue waters, soft powdery sand, and towering coconut trees swaying to the breeze are what tourists⁠—both local and international⁠—come back to again and again.

On calmer days, the water is perfect for relaxing water activities like snorkelling, kayaking and standup paddleboarding. There are lots of shops and restaurants on the island too. You can spend hours browsing through the different shops and bazaars.


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