GoGoPDF Guide: How To Strip The Security Features of Your Portable Document Format or PDF

Online documents change the way we do our daily activities in terms of transferring and sharing data. Any particular individual can now send their information and contents to anyone in reach of the internet—having to live in this generation where almost every inch of the world can be reached by the internet, making it possible to send or receive online documents anytime and anywhere.

However, there are also challenges when you are using online documents. Having a lot of benefits when using online documents also comes with its drawbacks. You can simply solve certain drawbacks using a third-party online tool that helps you modify your online documents for the better.

One of the many reasons you should have a go-to online converter tool for your documents is to remove encrypted passwords from your PDF file. Suppose you don’t have any idea where to start and how to remove the password all by yourself completely. This article will be your starting journey in learning how to use an online converter tool and utilizing it to its full potential.

GoGoPDF Is The Answer

GoGoPDF is the answer to your daily challenges in your online documents. They are offering various online tools that can help you modify your online documents to meet your specific desire for your documents. One of their main online tool services that many individuals utilize is a conversion from an online document format to another format.

However, only a few individuals know that their website can be used to convert your Portable Document Format or PDF. It is known that PDF files are a challenging format to modify in the first place. Some of the online tools that can help you are eSigning PDF files, Protect PDF, Unlock PDF File, Add Watermark, Repair PDF, PDF Converter, and a lot more.

Their website is built to have a simple and straightforward service that allows you to use their online tools and convert your online documents in a matter of minutes. All of their online tools are also displayed on their homepage for you to choose what online tool you want to use for your online document needs.

Common Reasons On Removing Encrypted Password In PDF Files

One of the most common reasons you should remove encrypted passwords in a PDF file is always forgetting your own PDF File. You can always make a list of passwords for you to keep your PDF file accessible, but this may not be a convenient way of handling online documents. This may cause additional effort and time, which can lessen your productivity.

Another reason is typing the password of your PDF file each time you open it. It is foremost that having a secured PDF file is one of the most important things to have for your information to be safe from unauthorized individuals and hackers. However, this can be irritating and inconvenient for you to type in the password each time you want to access your document.

In addition, putting an encrypted password in your PDF file can limit the number of people who can view your PDF file. Hence, removing your PDF file’s password can make it a public document for everyone to view. Anyone who has a URL link or a copy of your PDF file will not be able to view all of the information and contents of your PDF file.

How To Remove Encrypted Password With GoGoPDF

The first thing you need to do in order to remove an encrypted password from your PDF file is to use the online tool Unlock PDF File. You can easily find this online tool from their homepage, which displays neat and properly arranged online tools. As soon as you click on the online tool, you will be moved to another web page to start your conversion journey.

  1. Select the specific PDF file from your computer and upload it to their website.
  2. Click on the option that authorizes GoGoPDF to remove the password completely.
  3. Please wait for your online document to finish its processing stage
  4. Save it into your storage place.


The difficulties of removing the encrypted password of your PDF file are now all over. You can now remove encrypted passwords easily with the help of an online converter tool like GoGoPDF. Simply visit their website, and you can start your conversion journey by following their comprehensive instructions, which are built to cater to even the first-timers of their website.

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