Go With Convenience: 3 Best PDFBear Function to Use Now

It’s basic that we should always go with convenience and that should be the case in handling multiple PDF files. With PDFBear, it’s a lot easier to convert, compress, merge, split, or even protect your PDF documents. Besides its features, it is also free to access. So here are the best PDFBear functions to use now.

PDF to Word

Each day, people do a task that might consume a lot of their time, like copying and pasting. The mentioned task is easy to perform, but manually doing it will take most of your time. The great news is that PDFBear is lending you its conversion tool to convert PDFs into Word files quickly. This converter can help you achieve the process in a few steps without any complications.

With this online tool, you will not be loaded with tasks anymore, and you can accomplish them in no time. Start using this tool now and convert your PDFs. So here’s how to convert PDF to Word file:

  1. Upload the PDF file that you wish to convert using this tool.
  2. This conversion tool will start extracting the content of the PDF into the new file.
  3. Wait for the process to be complete.
  4. You can now download the newly converted document.

Compress PDF

In this age, people exploit the internet and find the stuff they want, but they might experience possessing large PDF files and might be restricted in uploading them. There are a few cloud storages on the internet, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which you can access and use for file storing. Uploading documents to those online storage sites is not a problem because they can support file sizes up to 1 gigabyte.

Uploading large file documents is a problem for some servers because of the file size restriction. But if you start using PDFBear now, you can use its compression feature to shrink every PDF into its smallest form, which allows you to easily upload them to any website or send them through email.

If you search online, you find some online software capable of compressing your documents but can’t deliver the result you want. But with PDFBear’s online tool, every PDF file is compressed while maintaining the quality as the original file. You can start using this tool now and compress your documents quickly. Aside from those advantages, Compress PDF will also make sure that your files stay private. With that said, there won’t be any copies of your documents on the server as they are removed after one hour. So if you want to compress your PDFs as soon as possible, follow these basic steps:

  1. Click “Choose Files” and select the PDFs that you need to shrink.
  2. Select the required option.
  3. This online tool will begin to compress and analyze your PDFs.
  4. After the process, users can start downloading the documents to their desktop.

Merge PDF

If you have multiple PDF files on your computer, it might be a hassle process to open them one by one. We all know that it’s a time-consuming, terrible method, consumes your computer’s memory space, and can strain your eyes. With that said, it’s a common problem for many people since PDF files are introduced, but with this online tool from PDFBear, you are allowed to combine multiple PDF documents into one, which makes it hassle-free.

With this merging tool, you can place separate or independent PDFs into a single file, and opening or viewing them will be more effortless. After every merging process, your files’ quality will remain, and it won’t get sacrificed. This PDFBear tool is the fastest and most straightforward means of combining tons of PDFs into one file. It will also provide instruction that anyone can easily understand, and doing the process will take four steps. Start using the merge PDF function now and experience the convenience:

  1. Choose any PDF documents that you need to combine. You can also drag them in the website’s merging bar.
  2. This merging tool will begin the combining process in a while.
  3. Before the process starts, you can still alter or edit the files and apply the changes when you are done.
  4. Users can start downloading the merged file after the procedure. They can also upload it to their Dropbox or Google Drive storage.


When people know what tools to use, they won’t have difficulties in finishing their job. If you want to be effective and efficient in handling multiple PDF documents, use the tools listed in this article. Besides the convenience, the mentioned online tools are safe to use and there’s no need for any registration or payment when using PDFBear’s service.

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